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"Search HTML, Find Backlinks, Locate Images, Track Competitors" "*Why Search Source Code?* Search engines traditionally only let you search on the text of a web page, not on the page's source code. You can now find all sites owned by the same Google Analytics account, sites with a certain term in their header tag, or even all sites that are blue." "*SEO Peeps* Easily check your links against competitors, and find opportunities to build your site's authority. *Marketers* Search for keywords within HTML elements and analyze the CSS, Javascript, and DOM. *Designers* Generate a list of sites with a particular color scheme, or a certain javascript plugin." "*Easily Craft Complex Queries* Queries are made through our simple search interfaces, designed for a variety of use cases. Get excited, now you can search meta text, discover backlink opportunities, and stalk your competitors." ## Prices *BASIC, free* - 200 Search Credits, 10 Results Per Query, Cannot Download Results, Use of most search interfaces - Ticket Support *Professional, $99/month* - 1,200 Search Credits, 5,000 Results/Query, Download/Share Results, Use of all search interfaces - Priority Ticket Support *Enterprise $149/month* - 3,000 Search Credits, 100,000 Results/Query, Download/Share Results, Use of all search interfaces - Email Support #search_engines #source_code #SEO #research #data #web_2.0 #SaaS #price:medium #freemium #ideas #steal #pub