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"Unraid is a proprietary Linux-based operating system designed to run on home servers in order to operate as a network-attached storage device, application server, media server and a virtualization host. Unraid is proprietary software developed and maintained by Lime Technology, Inc. Users of the software are encouraged to write and use plugins and Docker applications to extend the functionality of their systems.


Unraid's primary feature is the ability to easily create and manage storage arrays in hardware-agnostic ways, allowing users to use nearly any combination of hard drives to create an array, regardless of model, capacity, or connection type. Since Unraid saves data to individual drives rather than spreading single files out over multiple drives, users can create shares, which are groups of files that can be written to multiple drives (as determined by the user or system) and allow easy access and management by users.[2]

Unraid also allows users to create Docker containers or virtual machines to host applications on the system. For example, a user could use a pre-made Docker container to host applications such as Plex, Jellyfin, and others"

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