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$169 is the annoying bit since this is a pretty beefy featured SaaS app from the looks of it. Should be $75 more at minimum/month...maybe he isn't giving much money out to friends or people referring and shit. Just free login and maybe extra info to people. If I can pull that off too, then I'm in business with also just charging $100 or 125 and $175 or $200 for the two main tiers. Quoted info: "I've used several other landing page spying services before coming across AdsXposed, and IMHO AdsXposed is superior to all of them. The landing pages are sorted into categories (e.g. sweepstakes, adult, gaming...) which is a major time-saver for me, and is a functionality I haven't seen in other spying tools. The owner of the tool actually hires people to manually sort landers into the various categories because this just isn't something that can be done accurately without human intervention. In addition to screenshots and urls of landing pages, the tool will also tell you a list of specific URLs as well as traffic sources that the lander was found on. You NEED this tool! Amy Cheung Moderator & Media Buyer" "Accurate results. Different to other research tools, we do both, filtering by algorithms along with a manual approval process. If our algorithm isn’t able to define if a result is valid or not, our manual approving team will move on. This results in highly targeted results matching exactly what you’ve been searching for.Global coverage. We’re currently covering 5 major ad-networks and 9 countries. The list is still growing and we can already guarantee to show you more results than any other spy tool in the mobile pop & redirect research landscape. Hundreds of thousands of websites checked daily. We’re collecting ads from well over 200.000 sites daily. If there’s a landing page running on a network we support, you will be able to find it. Intuitive user interface. Our interface is easy to use and combines all features a marketer is looking for when researching the competition.Easy to use. AdsXPosed is streamlined and user-friendly. Perfect for all groups of marketers, from a beginner to experienced media buyers.Customize your search. Take advantage of our bookmark feature to store interesting ads you’ve found and follow competitor domains by using our track-a-domain feature. Get notified instantly when we find a new ad by a domain you’ve chosen to monitor." Mainly the 5 major ad networks and 9 countries and doing mobile pop and redirect research landspace...which ad networks? and mobile pop is easy for me, but i wanted to make a separate app like alternatives, not integrate it into this...and redirect research i was hoping was going to be unique-ish to moi! guess not! #$AFMA #alternatives #home_page #Facebook #Facebook_ads #$kippt_bookmark #ad_intelligence #ad_spying #affiliate_marketing #Facebook_ad_spying #mobile_spying #pops_spying #pub