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"It's time for you to Take Control with highly practical, tightly focused ebooks covering Mac OS X, Macintosh applications, the iPad and other iOS devices, 802.11n networking, and more! Written by the same expert authors responsible for best-selling print books but available much more quickly, Take Control ebooks provide the technical help you need now. Our PDF-format ebooks use carefully designed layout and typography for easy onscreen reading and printing, and they include bookmarks, clickable links, and a Check for Updates link that lets you access free updates. (EPUB and Mobipocket versions are also usually available—see Device Advice for details.) We offer free samples of all our ebooks and a money-back guarantee, so download a Take Control ebook today!" _These are guys with most mental boner #productivity/#productivity_fun/#productivity_procrastination books/eBooks like Evernote, DevonThink, tagging_ #books #productivity_fun #paid #Mac #ebooks #iOS #samples #productivity #productivity_procrastination #pub