"Extension to allow editing and fast reloading of local files from Chrome developer tools The idea behind Tincr is that you can save changes to your original source file from within Chrome Developer Tools. In addition, Tincr does auto-reloading of JavaScript and CSS changes made in other editors. To give you a complete illustration, let's say you're developing a Ruby on Rails web application. You would select "Ruby on Rails" in the dropdown on the Tincr panel and then select the local directory of your rails application. Once you've done that, Tincr knows enough about how a RoR application is structured that if you made a change inside of Chrome Developer Tools, it would be saved to the local file equivalent. If you made a change to an application script or stylesheet using TextMate or some other tool, the change would automatically be reloaded in Chrome without refreshing the whole page." #livereload #alternatives #css #chrome #code #web_development #real_time #pub