(Co-founder of Soylent) "My Daily Goals Matt Cauble I have decided that I want to be more creative. To become more creative, I must do more creative things. Every day, I am going to take at least one picture and post the best photo of the day to Instagram. I need the social feedback to remind me that art isn't very good if noone really likes it. I plan to become really fit, so I will work out every day. If I don't work out that day, it's because I am drinking with friends. That's ok too. I want to build something people want. Every day I will work on something that I think people want and release that something in 60 days. If I haven't determined if people want what I am making after 60 days, I will stop and move on. I desire better writing skills. Like my plan for developing more creativity, I will post to this blog once a week. I will spend the week writing the post, iterating, and perfecting. Hopefully I can gain social feedback here too." #blog_posts #motivation #pub