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Josh Gordon getting screwed so badly by the NFL is so sad. Blackmon isn't as bad, but still, come on! This shit wouldn't have happened to either player in my opinion had they been white, possibly with prestigious backing like say being from the Manning family, and were a few more years into the league. Even just 3 years in, Josh Gordon would have multiple Pro Bowl spots and be an established top receiver. Okay Blackmon even with those prob still would be out of the league and shit with a while (even pedigree like Manning family can't save his stuff enough) but Josh Gordon's situation along with his behavior and attitude through all of it? Going along with everything - getting screwed with the BS drinking thing...def would not have happened with at least 2 of the 3 things I mentioned :/ #sports #patterns #patterns_not_walter_white_but_screwing_over_who_you_can #pub