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College - You Need A Budget
Free for a year by providing proof of currently being a student. "A document issued by your university that shows you’re currently enrolled–including your name, the school name, and the date. Think student ID card, transcript, or tuition statement." -- After the free year "But you’ll get a one-time 10% discount on the Annual Plan, and by this point, YNAB will have saved you so much money, it’ll be a no-brainer." #personal_finance #financial_apps #student_trial #SaaS #student_pricing #pub
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MoneyWiz is a powerful personal finance app for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows. Manage all your accounts, budgets and bills in one place. Connect to over 40,000 banks and sync automatically between multiple devices. Current MoneyWiz [2021] is for iOS and Mac. Requires 10.15 and iOS 14.3. When I got it, I bought it through a web payment system. Now it is via app store only it appears. MoneyWiz 3 is available on the 4 major OSes. #financial_apps #app_stores_only #cross_platform_4_major_platforms #apple_ecosystem_focused #personal_finance #paid #SaaS #trial #app_stores #pub
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