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So many properties. Do they just cover the ads or what? Unde brands, they have a lot. They aslo appear to be whatever you call the people who produce youtube channels

Pretty boss - Break which also owned other web properties, merged with Alloy Media to make Defy Media. Viacom has a stake as well. So Addicting Games which was part of companies acquisition is a subsidiary of Dey Media, apparently.


Also, they have a network of content blogs/sites as well? #ideas #copycopy #empires #boss #mergers #unique_spin #pub
"The two CEOs and their respective companies agreed to merge at this time in part because they wanted to “stop being distracted by one another”, and make a move at competing with what they call the “big five” online brokers, Schwab, Fidelity, E*Trade, TD Ameritrade and Scottrade." ----- So the big five back then were these. TD Ameritrade and Scottrade have since combined. E*Trade needed a bail out a few years prior. Sad! Ally bought TradeKing after they bought other stuff so maybe they are part of new big 4? #acquisitions #stock_brokers #mergers #pub
"Two Japanese institutions will become one in September; new holding company to rank only behind Sammy Sega in size." -- Is Bandai a toy company more than a gaming company? Weird combo then, no? #$tag_more #acquisitions #need_to_grok #video_games #tech_companies #billion_dollar_deals #mergers #pub
Not available on web anymore -- Manwin Isnt Buying RedTube By MikeSouth July 31st, 2013 Today Xbiz broke a story that Manwin is buying Redtube, a very large tubesite. But the story isn’t entirely correct, allow me to explain. Sent From an insider last Saturday: “You may get a whiff of a story about Manwin purchasing a large tube site, if you do, sit on it. They will give it to XBiz or maybe AVN, when it does break I will give you a scoop about it.” Then later today: “I see you resisted the urge to run with that. I’m sure that wasn’t easy so here is what I promised you. Manwin isn’t really purchasing Redtube, it is a merger. Look for the President of Redtube to have a very high profile role in the new organization. You are spot on in your deduction that Manwin is trying to control a runaway financial situation. Manwin doesn’t have the available capital to buy Redtube.” Now THAT makes sense to me. Manwin has sent out an internal memo that production is no longer a priority, tubesites and advertising ARE now the top priority. This backs up Manwins moves to try to thwart DMCA take down requests and it explains the many layoffs. And finally another email: “I see you coaxed Fabian out of his little hole, nice work South, you can be sure he didn’t come out just to point out how wrong you are, you are on to something, keep it up brother!” #web_empires #mergers #acquisitions #adult_industry #porn #pub
So Time Inc seems like it really only had HBO going for it. Besides that, what an awful deal for Warner Bros since they also still had the record company. Not sure where the Cable company came from, but it likely stems from Warner's side and little to do with Time's side. #billion_dollar_deals #Time_Warner #mergers #year:1980s #pub
what could have been for Elon Musk #dotcom_bubble #mergers #acquisitions #IAC #yelp_esque #elon_musk #pub