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"Realtime Push Give Superfeedr your feed urls and new entries will be pushed to you, via PubSubHubbub or XMPP PubSub. Normalization No more nightmares with gazillions of formats. Superfeedr will send data in strict ATOM format or JSON, regardless of the original feed format. Cost Saving We will match or beat the cost of your existing system. No matter what, you can test Superfeedr for free with the 25,000 free notifications that we granted to your account. Use our simulation tool to assess your monthly cost. No More Polling Don't waste your time and resources fetching old data. We implemented PubSubHubbub, RSSCloud, changes.xml and host a very big XML-RPC ping server. We still poll the feeds, as often as every minute for high frequency feeds and we poll each feed at least every 15 minutes so you never get update later than that."

"We want you to try out Superfeedr. We're happy to grant you 25,000 credits for free." #SaaS #freemium #feeds #pubsub #xmpp #push #automation #RSS #pub
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