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"The second edition of Mark Bernstein’s The Tinderbox Way is now available as a 375-page eBook in pdf and ePub formats. The Tinderbox Way explores ways to use Tinderbox and the ideas that guide its design. The second edition has been extensively revised, with changes on nearly every page and about 40% entirely new material – including completely new chapters on agents, actions, time in Tinderbox, and information gardening. Everything has been updated for Tinderbox 5.11" #tinderbox #ebooks #pricey #price:$30 #productivity #productivity_procrastination #productivity_fun #organization #hardcore #pub
"Tinderbox is a personal content assistant that helps you visualize, analyze, and share your notes. " "This page collects sample Tinderbox examples -- files and templates of many kinds -- that have been contributed by Tinderbox users. We hope you'll find these useful and instructive. The files are supplied as users created them, and neither they nor Eastgate Systems, Inc. provide any warrantee whatsoever concerning them." #tinderbox #hardcore #communities #resources #productivity_fun #pub