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NOON fristad rock #deathloop #delivery #booth #code #game #ps5 #pub
Kristen Stewart, also breaking some #Oscar red carpet rules. No mermaid dresses! No princess frocks! It's about time. #Oscar #pub
This is the greatest Hollywood Awards Show speech ever given. The looks on the celebrities faces says it all. This gets better and even more accurate with every passing year. Tonight is the Oscars. Every elite should watch to remind themselves what the world thinks of them: #pub
Kristen Stewart immediately changed out of heels and into flats the second she got off the red carpet. Amen, girl. #Oscars #Oscars #pub
Liza Minnelli, who won the lead actress #Oscar nearly 50 years ago for her performance in “Cabaret,” presented the award for best picture Sunday night with a lot of laughter and a little extra help from Lady Gaga. #Oscar #pub
Jada if Chris Rock cracked a joke about Will. #pub
@MichaelAnthnyJr @cheo_coker Couldn’t agree more @jimjefferies #pub
Apropos of everything, one of Rock’s best movies was HEAD OF STATE with this terrific scene by the late, great Bernie Mac #pub
why on earth would an actor slap a comedian onstage and on tv?! Oh yea right, i get it #pub
@OshunEbony @StarkTTT “Dave wouldn’t make fun of a medical condition” #pub
I’ve gotten some questions from people who are not familiar with the term “shadow ban” and are asking exactly what it is. So I want to take a minute to show you. #pub
Ted Cruz's descent into the pool of patheticness continues. Looking for your name on Twitter is what school shooters and serial killers do Ted, seriously. #pub
splice core-dependent rope leash #pub