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EPDM Rubber Roofing

We're proud to offer the finest EPDM Roofing sheet (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) rubber roofing materials, EPDM supplies, EPDM adhesives and EPDM accessories from Weatherbond (division of Carlisle Construction Materials), Versico and other top suppliers. These EPDM Roofing products are engineered for the toughest applications including commercial buildings, RV's, pond liners, rooftop gardens, decks, residential, pond liners, landscaping and more.

We specialize in complete roof repair kits for all types of EPDM Repairs and replacement or repair of EPDM roofs including RV rubber roofs, commercial roofs, patios, etc. For DIY we have complete installation instructions.

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Begin by cutting the dowel flush to the surface of the component with a sharp saw. Using a sharp brad point bit 1/32nd-1/16th smaller than the diameter of the dowel, drill out the center of the dowel. Hold the part in a padded vise. When the bit reaches the bottom of the dowel hole, you will feel the bit "slip" a bit and you can stop. Using a sharp gouge with a sweep that matches the curve of the dowel circumference, pare the excess dowel away from the sides of the hole. To clean the hole run a drill bit the correct diameter backwards. (A new bit can catch and rip the hole apart if run forward.)

Don't use new dowels to check the fit. These can seize in the joint and become difficult to remove. Use dowels that have been pared or sanded undersized. These are easier to remove after a trial fit.

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I had the vehicle aligned at a speciality frame shop and new tires put on. They told me that this type of vehicle is famous for alignment problems, front and rear. They said that the sub frame needed to be tweaked. So after the alignment, the front tire wear was perfect. They wore out fast, but I've never had front tires wear so evenly in my life. The problem is with the rear tires. Both of them wore out much slower than the fronts, but the inner edge of the tires wore out down to the wear bar and hardly any wear on the rest of the tread. Like it had a ton of negative camber. As far as I know, there is only a toe adjustment on the rear tires. Is this right?? Could the load leveler shocks be the culprit?? They're not leaking and the rear of the vehicle is still stiff. #pacifica
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