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Article says "When people write critically about Facebook, they often say that “you are the product being sold,” but I think that by now we all get that...Thus it is a critical choice of any adult as to where they will perform their free labor. Tens of millions of people made a decision to spend their time with the simple, mobile photo-sharing application that was not Facebook because they liked its subtle interface and little filters. And so Facebook bought the thing that is hardest to fake. It bought sincerity." This is complete BS. As commenter, TEDPAVLIC, states, "wasn't the original (sincere?) point of Instagram was to be bought by a company like FB? They weren't making any money. They were just developing good mobile software (whose web presence depended on _other_ websites) that could be easily plugged into a larger beast. Seems to me like they were begging to be bought. I'm guessing there was a decent return on that investment. So is Instagram that "sincere?" Wasn't Instagram meant for exactly this?" #stupidity #disingenuous #lies #sheeple #lemmings #social #media #mass #journalism #bullshit #selling #out #instagram #Facebook #pub