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"An API into your person could be quick and useful. Nothing sensitive need be contained, just something that could list out your social accounts (all of them), tell me where you're currently located, where you've been, etc. It would be cool to expose some dynamic data like calculated age, latest blog/social media post, or other non-private data. So, I made one. You can access my personal API at /api. It's got everything listed above, plus a little extra about my usual languages and frameworks. It supports JSONP with an optional callback parameter (/api?calback=foo). No keys required, possible uses for an API like this (especially if others implement something similar) include: dynamically calculated ages for operators of a 'personal API' statistics on languages and frameworks graphing operating locations dynamically display latest blog posts operating a repository of users' associated social accounts ?" #geeky #@to_do #APIs #quantified_self #personal_APIs #@to_check_out #interesting #suggestions #lists #pub