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Liked on YouTube. | Title: Native American Gets Revenge | Nimesh Patel | Stand Up Comedy. | Description: Please watch my full hour special THANK YOU CHINA: I'm on TOUR IN YOUR CITY - TICKETS AT FINDINGNIMESH.COM Instagram Twitter #NimeshPatel #StandUpComedy #Jokes Nimesh Patel is a comedian and writer based in New York City. He has written for #SNL, the #Oscars, #Awkwafina, #HasanMinhaj, and much more. While most know him for his (in)famous appearance at and subsequent removal from a comedy show at Columbia University (and his subsequent appearance on #JoeRogan), Nimesh has been performing comedy for over 10 years. His comedy album, Head Nimesh In Charge, was named one of Interrobang's Top Comedy Albums of 2019, and can be found on Spotify and at PATEL2020.COM. You may have seen him on Comedy Central's This Week at The Cellar, VICE Live, and MTV's Vidiots. Nimesh is a regular at the Comedy Cellar in NYC and currently resides in Brooklyn.. | Published at: July 21, 2022 at 04:13PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed