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"cristianpascu 6 hours ago | link | parent | flag I few days ago I was accused here on HN of being homophobic, you know, like in hating homosexuals, because I expressed my opinion that a child needs a mother and a father. In other news, here's an interesting discussion on humor: seivan 4 hours ago | link Your opinion sure is. reply syncerr 3 hours ago | link His opinion is sexist and not homophobic. He's saying a male father provides specific things that only a male father can provide; likewise with the female mother. He would be opposed to two parents of the same sex, but for sexist reasons." _This is along the pattern lines of being incredibly sensitive to causes like homophobia and feminism in first world countries. Clearly here, the OP is not in the wrong for being homophobic yet gets called out ,lol." #issues #benevolent_specific_caring #PC #status_quo #Hate_speech #pub