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Catalyst is a journal of theory and strategy, published by Jacobin Foundation. $20 for first four issues for a year #via:pins #leftists #goat #freemium #editorials #scientific_papers #data #studies #status_quo #paid
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Interesting. Profiles like this are silly right wing conspiracy leaning, behave like other right wingers. Post lots of politics. However they have no idea what basic concepts like socialism are. I’m not talking about know the exact meaning or various nuances. But to at least know mandating kids go to summer camp has nothing to do with socialism. They have zero overlap. Capitalism likely has greater overlap in the example given. #politics #understanding #ignorance #right_wingers #uniformed #status_quo #pub
how some one can make one unsuccessful company. have it bailed out in a completely obvious corrupt way amongst elite friends. To then continue to fail upward without actually having any thing that can be seen as successful because of them. could this ever happen to a non white guy followed distantly by good looking, charming minority guy or white woman. #wiki_lies #failing_upward #status_quo #toread #pub
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“States' interests matter and should be explicitly represented at the state level. But we're not talking about the state level, we're talking about the federal level. Senators are there to represent the people of their state, and the fact that some people get vastly more representation than others is wrong. People should be as equal as possible for a given playing field. Funny how the people arguing that it's okay to do this to protect 'minorities' are never, ever okay with doing this for any other minorities. Give extra voting power to people in low pop states to shield them from the majority? Great! Give extra votes to black people, or Asians, or Muslims, or Jews? Uhhhhhh, no, no thank you.” #GOAT #rebuttal_of_norms #status_quo #toread #pub
Keeping the socioeconomic status quo in place with bullshit like this. #status_quo #worst_of #fuck_this #pub
of course they are from Stanford and Yale #status_quo #patterns_neoliberals_masquerading_as_the_great_ones #patterns_neolibs_masquerading_as_anti_status_quo #elitism #neolib_elitism #toread #pub
"Andersen Consulting's change of name proved to be fortuitous as it avoided the taint when Arthur Andersen was effectively dissolved as a result of its role in the later Enron scandal." Technically correct but disingenuous as the name was arguably primarily tainted due to the media and government scape goating Arthur Anderson. And the company was "effectively dissolved" because the government abused their power ala Megaupload and Kim Dot Com. Courts later recognized this but it was too late. #disingenuous #benevolent #butthurt #unfair #little_known #status_quo #BS #fucked_up #goliaths_screw_smaller #pub
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"I think its kinda ridiculous to just make it paid instead of trying to implement a way to reduce spam. So basically we have to pay $20/m for the same thing that was free earlier, which now has a reduced bandwidth of 10gb/m from 50gb/m. Not to mention removing custom domains from the free plan too! You could just have introduced an SMS verification system or used something like MaxMind to keep fraud in check. I don't mind startups increasing pricing over time, it's naturally going to happen. But blaming spam as a reason for that is just sad." #lies #status_quo #pub
Podcaster says UTM/extra url parameters for tracking are bad. This guy, Brett, says "I did it because adding that extra stuff to the URL lets me track, over time, my conversion rate for that link. Now, I know lots of cranky web nerds recoil in horror at the mere mention of phrases like “conversion rates”, but some of us are running real businesses and have learned not to throw the marketing baby out with the douchebag bathwater." #Hmm #discussion #affiliate_marketing #butthurt #status_quo #crusade #blog_posts #pub
Summary: CVS pharamacist thinks the prescription is a fake. She arrives at CVS with crutches and an IV sticking out of her arm. An officer is there who arrests her saying the pharamacist hasn't made a mistake before and sticks her in jail overnight. Next day it is found she is innocent. So now she's obviously suing CVS. Though really the cops are just as wrong. Basically acted like the local CVS/pharamacists [paid] arms. -- Anyway, the comments are mainly filled with people angry at the cops, CVS, and the pharmacist. Many comments calling them idiots, power hungry, etc. But really, this stuff wouldn't be such an issue if we didn't have so many restrictions and laws in place with drugs. #politics #drugs #pharmacy #police #laws #news #corruption #status_quo #pub
"So what you are saying is because it is a sensitive topic it can't be discussed? Upvotes or not, I simply don't agree, and what both of these people have said is true whether it was sensitive or not. It doesn't however, mean Jeff's resiliency means nothing, don't take it that way - but to say a comparison can not be spoken of because it is sensitive is something I disagree with." #status_quo #political_correctness #group_think #benevolent_moralism #boston_marathon_bombing #pub
Not necessarily on the side of the OP. More so pointing out the response[s] #boston_marathon_bombing #group_think #political_correctness #status_quo #benevolent_moralism #pub
"Bauman showing up and showing his support after such a horrific event is like saying "Yeah I got my legs blown off, but I'm not going to let the _terrorists_^ change my life." Don't get me wrong, Arredondo is a hero. But Bauman is also a hero and equally deserves to be honoured for his loss and heroism." #boston_marathon_bombing #group_think #political_correctness #status_quo #benevolent_moralism #pub
"Take, for instance, the case of Clarence Elkins. Elkins was sentenced to life in prison for the 1998 murder of his mother-in-law. The witness that helped put Elkins behind bars was his six year old niece, Brooke. Brooke had been staying the night with her grandmother when someone came into the house. The man killed the grandmother and sexually assaulted Brooke before fleeing. Later, describing the man, Brooke initially claimed that he looked like her Uncle Clarence. Later, she changed her story. She said he was her Uncle Clarence. That testimony proved to be so damning that Elkins was sentenced to life in prison, even though he had an alibi and was not known as a violent man. Years later, the little girl retracted her statement, but she had a difficult time getting the legal system to believe her. When she wanted to accuse, they were all ears, but when she wanted to free an innocent man, that proved to be much more difficult. Eventually, after a legal battle, Elkins was set free. He had spent seven long years in prison, all due to the false testimony of his niece." #BS #corruption #government #laws #status_quo #prison #pub
"One can also examine the Fells Acre Day Care Center, which found itself in the middle of a legal firestorm in 1984. The case started off slowly, but quickly gathered steam. One student accused his teacher, Gerald Amirault, with sexual abuse. He did not tell of sexual abuse until he was questioned by his mother and his uncle. He and his cousin had been playing a sexual charged game, which is why the adults felt the need to question the child. What started off as one accusation turnedinto Gerald being charged with raping nine children, while his mother and sister, who also worked at the daycare, were charged with crimes against four other children The incident...turned into a witch hunt. Police had an open meeting with parents, giving them warning signs of sexual abuse and instructing them to look for them in their children. One can usually find something if looking hard enough. If a child as much as wet the bed, it was because of sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher" #BS #corruption #laws #witch_hunts #status_quo #government #pub
Martin Luther King Jr #status_quo #group_think #Majority #racism #discrimination #CIvil_rights #MLK #pub