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"The video above, which just came out, shows the first ten minutes of his keynote where he discusses why the world needs Android. But that is not the interesting part. The interesting part is where he goes after Apple in a not too subtle way. He extols the virtues of an open platform and contrasts it with a “Draconian future, a future where one man, one company, one device, one carrier would be our only choice.” Then he shows a poster of 1984, with the title, “Not The Future We Want.” The reference is to Apple and the iPhone. Gundotra uses Apple’s own iconic 1984 imagery against it to great effect right at about 3 minutes into the video clip." #deceptive #propaganda #Google #pub
Part of a discussion on William Gibson's 1996 essay, "The Net Is a Waste of Time". Commentor points out recent pro-Google writing by Gibson. A reply says "This is what McLuhan called the "agenbite of outwit", riffing on Joyce:" #agenbite_of_outwit #technologies #psychology #Google #deceptive #pub
"No Starch Press and I have decided to release this free ebook version of Hacking the Xbox in honor of Aaron Swartz. As you read this book, I hope that you’ll be reminded of how important freedom is to the hacking community and that you’ll be inclined to support the causes that Aaron believed in. I agreed to release this book for free in part because Aaron’s treatment by MIT is not unfamiliar to me. In this book, you will find the story of when I was an MIT graduate student, extracting security keys from the original Microsoft Xbox. You’ll also read about the crushing disappointment of receiving a letter from MIT legal repudiating any association with my work, effectively leaving me on my own to face Microsoft." #aaron_swartz #hacking #rebellion #mit #formal_education #bullshit #unfair #deceptive #pub
Are you serious? They keep saying Linkr is "natural link building" without a hint of ya know, not being complete BS #deceptive #scummy #SEO #blogs #pub
What article says is correct in not being nepotism, but that is deceptive. It is in the same vain as nepotism, but more so cronyism and favoritism. Not that those are necessarily bad things in the article's light. Just it is incorrect to act like choosing personal connections and networking is somehow not favoritism is not correct. #from:Windows_Phone #status_quo #disingenuous #deceptive #butthurt #blogs #posts #pub
"Wouldn't it be anti-competitive to block spam, yet let your own spam through? The ads in that screenshot look like they are effectively imitating spam." #from:Windows_Phone #Google #butthurt #deceptive #pub
Lol, uses Statcounter only for stats with no indication of how skewed and weak these stats are for actual real-life usage. The "stats to tweet" bit, lol #linkbait #spambutnotspam #deceptive #ideas #infographics #copy #pub
Point 6: "You can make money without doing evil." #BS #Google #butthurt #deceptive #disingenuous #not_evil #zeitgeist_bs #pub
cant think of correct tag vocabulary. the article is really bad. Juul and FB were so quick because of the how they measure length for valuation. And specifically for those two, they had unique circumstances. Juul didn’t start out as a new startup. Facebook got the Microsoft funding because of being a proxy at the time in Microsoft’s fight against Google. They didn’t care about getting the best return like real investors would have. it was known at the time that the valuation and money given was not important to Microsoft. That’s why the valuation was so ridiculous at the time. #bad_journalism #deceptive #pub