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My god. Sites like and especially Business Insider continue to just push out such garbage content. I mean seriously!? It talks about main site of the company...Vox...a site built around only getting traffic. Just like Deadspin and Gawker sites.

Grantland and FiveThirtyEight are not like that at all...they are actually good, most of the time. Not a fraction of the time. They aren't Business Insider and all that clickbait/linkbait pandering shiz. #!evidence #!trends #!research #!patterns #linkbait #weak_article #pandering #awful #ignorant_to_a_fault #bad_job #bad_journalism #pub
"No one cares about iMessage" LOL yeah people do. IE look at the tumblr/twitter aggregation of all the ultra pro iMessage people. #bad_journalism #pub
As of 2017-July, says $16B net worth. Just wrong! Elon owns roughly over 50% of SpaceX, last valued at $12B in 2015-January. Surely it is worth more 2.5 years later. Owns roughly 20% of Tesla (includes SolarCity). He essentially spent all his previous money on those three companies, so fine, nothing except his stake in these two companies. What about money he cashed out (prob only in SolarCity and Tesla)? -- A 55% ownership of $15B SpaceX is $8.25B. A 20% ownership of ~$60B Tesla market cap is $12B. So that's $20.25B net worth. Surely he has some stuff outside of the stocks. So add another $1.25B. $21.5B net worth. Even if you were to say 50% of $12B of SpaceX, that's still $6B and only $2.25B less than I'm saying. Still gets you $18B of only stake ownership. He could have debts and no assets/cash lol - so say $500M in debt. STILL $17.5B! Going further, if you say 20% of $58B market cap, that's $11.6B. Still $17.1B. Forbes exactly say $15.6B as of 2017-07-05. It's way too low, no matter what. You don't include the taxes he'd have to pay when cashing out, no? lol. -- $16.5B as of 2017-08-07. Luckily Bloomberg seems much better at this. They have him over $21B, as I rightfully have said he should be at. #Tesla #elon_musk #net_worth #money #billionaires #grinders #boss_peeps #motivation #fanboy #bad_journalism #bad_job #wrong #paypal_mafia #paypal #pub
Lol, stocks change. They rebound, go up, go down. This isn't just $50B gained or lost forever. So dumb. #bad_journalism #bad_statistics #pub
Just bad all around. Talking about drafting a qb in first round if it's Tom Brady. Soooo sad. #bad_job ##badyou #bad_journalism #pub
"Personally, I’d vote to scrap the 6 and 7 lines. That would clean things up so there’s just tiny, modern in both sizes or XL luxury." - yeah um they sell to the whole world and to people of varying statuses in life. Taking away the 6 AND 7 lines would be idiotic. It would remove middle class, upper middle class people, frugal-ish, or people who don't care as much people. Apple wants the India subcontinent to become bigger for them. Not to mention all the other countries around that have different wealths. #bad_journalism #bad_you #pub
Give no proper concrete with backing reason for why to wait or not wait on Shopify. Yes, there's a possibility that it could go down further. But it's also equally possible that it could jump $10 in next few weeks before some bullshit news has it drop below where it is today. This article is such surface level shit. Come on. #awful #bad_journalism #pub
How are they naughty. Is the IRS pulling naughty tricks to get people to pay their share of income taxes (which is admittedly more than an implicit social contract #ad_blocking #bad_journalism #bad #pub
They don't explain at all how a settlement means "a lot of money" when this is before Mixon got drafted. He did end up getting drafted pretty high. Like 6th RB within first few rounds. And is doing good. But settlement was before he got drafted and paid. #bad_journalism #pub
WTF. This doesn't give you any info except the very VERY basics. Gives you nothing you wouldn't get from a cursory search. WTF is the point of snopes then? It doesn't even explain anything. Is the family racist or not, for example. #awful #bad_journalism #pub
They spent so much writing for such a basic and common thing said about the show. #awful #bad_journalism #bad_you #examples #pub
How is it not fucked up to keep Nick Foles at a paltry $7M if he wants to make more money, likely final chance he'll have in his career? He could easily sign something between $50M to $100M contract with $30M minimum being guaranteed. Eagles not letting him do that is fucked up. How is that not mentioned once. #not_nice #journalism #bad_journalism #sports #nfl #pub
LOLLL they list Malcolm Buter as the hypothetical taking the bulk of Stafford's money. And then Trey Burton for another share. So Basically those two aren't going to move the needle of the team much, if at all. All 3 players combined with Stafford being paid less, prob give them 1 more win per season. #bad_journalism #bad #sports #nfl #pub
Bad. Gives very basic stuff. Nothing at all for actually hard to bypass ones. #bad_job #bad_journalism #patterns_seems_like_expert_but_not_at_all #pub