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Such an obvious linkbait video - yes, they delete the app. The comments are all acting like this is somehow hilarious and even unexpected... #pandering #linkbait #clip #stupid #lame #Google #acqui-hire #email #acquisition #resentment #pub
Jesus. It was inevitable that crap like this would end up being made, but turnkey [maybe native] apps based around industry niches? Ack. How useless. A push toward mobile web apps would be nice right about now. #mobile #turnkey #startup #lame #spambutnotspam #pub
"Dear Blackberry, Before you decided that OpenWhatsapp violates WhatsApp's terms and that you could not accept it in App World, have you been fully aware that YOU are the ones who got me started on this project? You are the ones who convinced me to port this application to BB10. You are the ones who explicitly proposed and provided me with internal support from your OWN developers to get my port ready ASAP. You are the ones who sent me a Dev Alpha even when I explicity and CLEARLY stated and described what app I am working on. I understand this was back at a time when WhatsApp decided to ditch your platform. But throwing away my work upon a request of WhatsApp was just a cheap shot! Do you think it's cool to get a developer work on a DAMN app for several months, and then just throw it away in the end?! Do you realize how hard it is to deliver an app that is as polished as OpenWhatsapp?! I understand how NOW you are trying to keep friends with WhatsApp and all that, but do you think this is the appropriate way to treat developers who "really" believed in your platform ?! Or was I just being used?. And I'm sorry, your limited edition device is not enough "compensation" for my work which again, YOU STARTED, and now simply threw away. I don't want anything that reminds me of this betrayal. Worst Wishes, Tarek OpenWhatsapp Developer" #pwned #bullshit #lame #pub
"So WhatsApp has sent me their lawyers. They didn't do it when Wazapp was out a year ago, they didn't do it to prevent me from entering Blackberry World and handed that job over to BB, they took that action now, which makes me wonder if it has anything to do with becoming BFF with Blackberry. Wazapp users would know WhatsApp were aware of the project all the way though. So why now?" _Whatsapp [and Blackberry] both are asses. #bullshit #whatsapp #lame #pub
A lot of sites focused on Buzzfeed and Reddit humor. User generated content. #networks #empires #niche #user_generated_content #web_2.0 #minimal #bootstrap_esque #memes #lame #humor #pub
A lot of sites focused on Buzzfeed and Reddit humor. User generated content. _These are some stats of theirs (from Quantcast but directly reported)_ #networks #empires #niche #user_generated_content #web_2.0 #minimal #bootstrap_esque #memes #lame #humor #traffic #statistics #motivation #pub
Another company offering a free plan while growing. Then not only remove it from future members, but also current members. Lame. #lame #butthurt #status_quo #enablers #benevolent_google-esque #pub
"We are the removal service for content on pornwikileaks and want you to remember that pornwikileaks site is run by the public and all its content is user submitted which leaves pornwikileaks not legally liable for any of it and not required to remove any of it. Time is money and if you want us to take the time to help you with removal of something then you must pay. 1. Email [email protected] with links to the pages you want removed and not to worry they will not post anything about it and keep all conversations private as long as you do also. If you don't get a response from email then private message the forum admin as we get a lot of spam. 2. Pay a one time fee of $1000.00 3. Wait up to 24 hours and watch all real names and or negative removed from everywhere on the site including blogs, forums, and wikis 4. Within 48 hours have the stage name wiki added to the list of removals wiki page and a thread posted about the stage name wiki and it not being allowed to have a real name or any negative 5. If at anytime after you make payment you find the real name posted somewhere or any negative just email us and get it removed for lifetime for free 6. As much as you might think someone evil and or some mean group of people is behind PWL in fact we are very fair and level headed and will work with you to meet your needs" _Lol, so uh why can't someone just have a mirror of this site that also keeps the removals until that site too gets a ridiculous fee ($1K is ridiculous)_ #ethics #lol #lame #wikis #pub
lame af! :(. No Mint Windows Phone/Windows Mobile app anymore as of end of 2015. #lame #pub