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"n a resurfaced clip from his BigBoyTV interview from 2018, Smith revealed that he enjoyed spending his childhood with more adults as he learned more from them. “I am very happy that I spent my childhood with more adults than I did with kids my own age,” Jaden said. “because I was picking up more things from adults than I were [sic] from kids my own age.” Smith said he wished young people of his age would enjoy talking about the political and economic state of the world. “I’m just, like, ‘Dude, like, oh my God,” Smith said. “Can we talk about the political and economic state of the world right now? Can we talk about what’s going on in the environment? Can we talk about other things?” He would later confess that despite enjoying loud music and turning up from time to time, he is most concerned with finding the next thing. Somehow the video clip has recently resurfaced and Twitter users have seemingly made light of Smith’s grown-up approach to life." made light of his grown-up approach to life? He sounds like an incredibly immature person. Can't get more out of touch. Lives in a mansion. Has an upper class life. Stuff that hurts the enviornment. Unironic. #lol #so_bad #pub
The room is worth more than I’m charging, but that’s coz maybe I can meet a new friend and help someone out, while I get someone who can help me clean, design, organize, so I’m open to bartering.... #@sk_lol #lol #pub
"The first thing you should clearly understand is altering your htaccess file is not something which should be done except by professionals who understand the Regex language used and how htaccess works." - by an "Oracle" level user #lol #stupidity #bullshit #disingenuous #SEO #snake #oil #pub
Lol "The offended at anything, thought police cry racism yet again." #feminism #racism #lol #silly #pub
"We are the removal service for content on pornwikileaks and want you to remember that pornwikileaks site is run by the public and all its content is user submitted which leaves pornwikileaks not legally liable for any of it and not required to remove any of it. Time is money and if you want us to take the time to help you with removal of something then you must pay. 1. Email [email protected] with links to the pages you want removed and not to worry they will not post anything about it and keep all conversations private as long as you do also. If you don't get a response from email then private message the forum admin as we get a lot of spam. 2. Pay a one time fee of $1000.00 3. Wait up to 24 hours and watch all real names and or negative removed from everywhere on the site including blogs, forums, and wikis 4. Within 48 hours have the stage name wiki added to the list of removals wiki page and a thread posted about the stage name wiki and it not being allowed to have a real name or any negative 5. If at anytime after you make payment you find the real name posted somewhere or any negative just email us and get it removed for lifetime for free 6. As much as you might think someone evil and or some mean group of people is behind PWL in fact we are very fair and level headed and will work with you to meet your needs" _Lol, so uh why can't someone just have a mirror of this site that also keeps the removals until that site too gets a ridiculous fee ($1K is ridiculous)_ #ethics #lol #lame #wikis #pub
Can't even tell... #lol #funny #manhood #pub
I suspect these popular Lift goals are also secret markers for fapping: “Exercise” “Floss” “Meditate” “Save money” “Eat Fruit” “Pray” “Work on secret project” “Crunches” “Stop and enjoy life” “Stretch in the morning” “Practice Music Instrument” “Talk to at least one stranger” “Unclutter” “Tell my wife I love her” “Walk the dog” “Low-carb lunch” #lol #funny #habits #nofap #pub
Rekt. #butthurt #rekt #reputation #lol #equiveillance #surveillance #pub
The Onion, America's Finest News Source. #lol #pub
It's a way for men to let women know just how thirsty and desperate they are before they get super rejected #lol #toread #pub
Marcus Vick ripped Riley Cooper on Twitter after the Eagles' wide receiver apologized for his racial slur said at a Kenny Chesney concert in June. #lol #pub
too fucking good! so obviously fake. my god.

Images of fuckjenny and fuckjenny uploaded by Denbags #fake #lol #addictive #pub
haha, a 1.5 min video of Jenny, Zach, etc. LOL

As The Upvotes Are Clicked: The Tale of Jenny Part 1 Part 2: SUBSCRIBE► LIKE US on Facebook► T... #lol #pub
All that matters now is Jenny, Zack. And OP dick is magnum! not to mention jenny like touched zack's D!

from Breaking Bad's S4 finale #lol #best_of #fake #pub
Being off reddit for so long. So fake, but fun to read. Saw it here first. OP D is big! Not Zack! #lol #toread #pub
Snatch Wars. Snatch meets Star Wars in this YouTube classic.

"Uploaded on Dec 9, 2008 Meet Brick Vader, London's Lord of the Sith. A pig obsessed, forever angry, foul mouthed cyborg who calls everyone Errol and dishes out dead body disposal tips to anyone who will listen. The world of Guy Ritchie's Snatch and Star Wars collide on the Eastend of the Death Star. Goody gumdrops! Enjoy it or we'll cut your f**kin' jacobs off." LOL EVERYONE IS HAROLD!

OMFG. SO FUCKING FUNNY. They just takin a piss, init? The fuck's all this about, eh? Now fuck off.

Awww lawd! #lol #best_of #rofl #satire #videos #toread #pub