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“Didn’t he also lecture a Cuban born reporter on why Castro was a good guy or something like that-I vaguely remember an awkward press conference with the Miami thing”

Yeah because being Cuban suddenly means you know shit. Silly libs

#liberals #reactionaries #vibes-based #moi_comments #politics

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One of the worst things I’ve ever read. He ignores so much obvious stuff. Yes actually if capitalist states left an African country alone and it was headed by a materialist political party that does not have to deal with international imperialism then the country would indeed flourish.

This is such a dum article. Ofc international companies r draining these countries.

#politics #pea-brained #simpletons #liberals #social-fascists

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The horny teen boy is a very flexible trope in fiction. He can basically be whatever you want him to be. — libs r so bad

#liberals #feminism #sexism

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This is from 2023-10-12 stream. Around 3:50-ish mark. donmoppelone was doing such a tired trope while I was thinking of Hasan crying about Abu Akleh. It got me so upset :P

Surprised Amye read the rando mention chats like what I was doing (not talking to Amye or to everyone)

#chase_saddy #communism #liberals

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Posted in r/todayilearned by u/OmitsWordsByAccident • 12,239 points and 963 comments

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