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“Didn’t he also lecture a Cuban born reporter on why Castro was a good guy or something like that-I vaguely remember an awkward press conference with the Miami thing”

Yeah because being Cuban suddenly means you know shit. Silly libs

#liberals #reactionaries #vibes-based #moi_comments #politics

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Disgusting how the fascists in this are saying things like imagine if it was a white man screaming at black people and how that wouldn't be treated the same. It wouldn't because that's insane. White men aren't getting murdered by not just cops but strangers on NYC subways while every one looks on for 10+ min. People are SO selfish. Take one second to understand yes you are also a person but you are NOT black and this world DOES have racism. Even if you aren't racist while saying things like that. Think about how you would like to be treated if you were in the other person's shoes, etc. Where is the compassion. Why is it this way? #reactionaries #fascists #racism
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