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Fresh on the heels of a free pass from a befuddled congress after admitting that they are a monopoly, Google’s decision to cloak search query strings under the guise of privacy makes it clear they are doubling down on their abusive, anti-competitive practices....It is complete hypocrisy. #hypocrisy #bigboys #corruption #google #pub
Earlier this week, Google made a significant change purportedly to better protect the search privacy of users. In reality, it specifically — and deliberately — left a gaping hole open to benefit its bottom line. If you pay-to-play, Google will share its search data with you. #hypocrisy #bigboys #corruption #google #pub
Fuck the DEA #DEA #LSD #drug #war #money #corruption #government #bureaucracy #society #drugs #pub
"Seriously?! Blackberry altering their store users’ opinions?! What a shame! It looks like you do have a lot of cheap moves indeed to push your platform forward. I wonder what’s next?!" #blackberry #sucks #bullshit #corruption #pub
Summary: CVS pharamacist thinks the prescription is a fake. She arrives at CVS with crutches and an IV sticking out of her arm. An officer is there who arrests her saying the pharamacist hasn't made a mistake before and sticks her in jail overnight. Next day it is found she is innocent. So now she's obviously suing CVS. Though really the cops are just as wrong. Basically acted like the local CVS/pharamacists [paid] arms. -- Anyway, the comments are mainly filled with people angry at the cops, CVS, and the pharmacist. Many comments calling them idiots, power hungry, etc. But really, this stuff wouldn't be such an issue if we didn't have so many restrictions and laws in place with drugs. #politics #drugs #pharmacy #police #laws #news #corruption #status_quo #pub
"Take, for instance, the case of Clarence Elkins. Elkins was sentenced to life in prison for the 1998 murder of his mother-in-law. The witness that helped put Elkins behind bars was his six year old niece, Brooke. Brooke had been staying the night with her grandmother when someone came into the house. The man killed the grandmother and sexually assaulted Brooke before fleeing. Later, describing the man, Brooke initially claimed that he looked like her Uncle Clarence. Later, she changed her story. She said he was her Uncle Clarence. That testimony proved to be so damning that Elkins was sentenced to life in prison, even though he had an alibi and was not known as a violent man. Years later, the little girl retracted her statement, but she had a difficult time getting the legal system to believe her. When she wanted to accuse, they were all ears, but when she wanted to free an innocent man, that proved to be much more difficult. Eventually, after a legal battle, Elkins was set free. He had spent seven long years in prison, all due to the false testimony of his niece." #BS #corruption #government #laws #status_quo #prison #pub
"One can also examine the Fells Acre Day Care Center, which found itself in the middle of a legal firestorm in 1984. The case started off slowly, but quickly gathered steam. One student accused his teacher, Gerald Amirault, with sexual abuse. He did not tell of sexual abuse until he was questioned by his mother and his uncle. He and his cousin had been playing a sexual charged game, which is why the adults felt the need to question the child. What started off as one accusation turnedinto Gerald being charged with raping nine children, while his mother and sister, who also worked at the daycare, were charged with crimes against four other children The incident...turned into a witch hunt. Police had an open meeting with parents, giving them warning signs of sexual abuse and instructing them to look for them in their children. One can usually find something if looking hard enough. If a child as much as wet the bed, it was because of sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher" #BS #corruption #laws #witch_hunts #status_quo #government #pub
"For one example, two oligarch brothers who were childhood friends of Vladimir Putin received $7 billion worth of contracts. One was for an undersea pipeline, the final cost of which broke down to about $5.5 million per kilometer, or almost four times as much as the European average." #corruption #silly #sad #money #pub
selective_prosecution #BS #corruption #politics #selective_prosecution #status_quo #unfair #zeitgeist_bs #pub