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Black kid is killed coming home from work. Police walk in with another black kid holding the dead kid in his arms yelling for help. "Moore, 19, was arrested the following day and charged with premeditated murder and robbery with a firearm...The case against Moore fell apart, though, when a key eye-witness confessed to lying....Moore pleaded no contest to robbing Ruffin. Prosecutors dropped the murder charge... As part of his plea deal, Moore was sentenced to nine years in prison followed by three years of probation." Yes, same Sanford Florida of Trayvon and Zimmerman case. Lulz. #police #bullshit #justice #system #black #stanford #florida #pub
Summary: CVS pharamacist thinks the prescription is a fake. She arrives at CVS with crutches and an IV sticking out of her arm. An officer is there who arrests her saying the pharamacist hasn't made a mistake before and sticks her in jail overnight. Next day it is found she is innocent. So now she's obviously suing CVS. Though really the cops are just as wrong. Basically acted like the local CVS/pharamacists [paid] arms. -- Anyway, the comments are mainly filled with people angry at the cops, CVS, and the pharmacist. Many comments calling them idiots, power hungry, etc. But really, this stuff wouldn't be such an issue if we didn't have so many restrictions and laws in place with drugs. #politics #drugs #pharmacy #police #laws #news #corruption #status_quo #pub