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Clarence Elkins
"Take, for instance, the case of Clarence Elkins. Elkins was sentenced to life in prison for the 1998 murder of his mother-in-law. The witness that helped put Elkins behind bars was his six year old niece, Brooke. Brooke had been staying the night with her grandmother when someone came into the house. The man killed the grandmother and sexually assaulted Brooke before fleeing. Later, describing the man, Brooke initially claimed that he looked like her Uncle Clarence. Later, she changed her story. She said he was her Uncle Clarence. That testimony proved to be so damning that Elkins was sentenced to life in prison, even though he had an alibi and was not known as a violent man. Years later, the little girl retracted her statement, but she had a difficult time getting the legal system to believe her. When she wanted to accuse, they were all ears, but when she wanted to free an innocent man, that proved to be much more difficult. Eventually, after a legal battle, Elkins was set free. He had spent seven long years in prison, all due to the false testimony of his niece." #BS #corruption #government #laws #status_quo #prison #pub