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"It's pretty flawless. It's never caused me to miss any important emails (that I'm aware of)" #patterns #false_positives #hurtful #pub
Google Ad CTR Goes Up After Removal Of Authorship Photos by @mattsouthern: Google made the decision late last ... #Google #not_evil #patterns #greedy #pub
"Microsoft, we thought you learned your lesson from the from the failure of Bing Cashback. It looks like we were wrong. Earlier today, Microsoft launched Bing Rewards, a new prog..."

Always easy to hate on what isn't popular or in goodwill. Yet Bing Rewards is almost going into its 5th year and the main criticism of needing the Bing toolbar is not needed anymore. Bing Rewards also works on mobile as well now.

Their ending is BS too. Sorry but "awesome new features" won't win them the search war. As if we live in a meritocracy. #haters #meritocracy_acting_like_it_is_there_pattern #going_with_popular_zeitgeist_pattern #meritocracy_lol #willfull_ignorance_pattern #haters_end_up_being_wrong #patterns #pub
At the Internet Explorer 9 Beta launch event, Bing debuted an array of new HTML5 features, including moving backgrounds, hovering windows and search results that move with you a...

Again with the hating. "Finally"? Come on - Bing has had some things that Google didn't, and did some things first and still are the only ones to have it. Article is slanted and biased against the easy target - Bing and Microsoft. #haters #meritocracy_acting_like_it_is_there_pattern #going_with_popular_zeitgeist_pattern #meritocracy_lol #willfull_ignorance_pattern #haters_end_up_being_wrong #patterns #pub
so incorrect. just wanted an excuse to be angry about their own issues and made the show out to be some elitist douchey white washed rich asshole thing, when it is the opposite..which makes the author of this and so many other similiar sort of stuff...


some of the comments are pretty good with making points like "I understand your concerns, but I would like to suggest you watch the entire first season. The other thing worth noting is that the jokes come fast and many are nuanced: after the "obligatory" dong jokes, one of the character's remarks, "that got old fast" or words to that effect. I think what allowed me to enjoy the show was to keep my knee jerking in check, and allow the series to unfold before passing judgement."

Another isn't possible to tell if they are serious or not. Long rant about why there isn't representation for Arabs in the show and how the person is eventually sick of all these other minorities getting some representation but not Arabs. Of course that can be taken further and further until you have 7+ billion characters because everyone needs to feel represented and everyone is special...I prefer handicapped, actually.

"With Dong, it is a resounding yes. While he may have an accent, a "funny" name, and a knack for math, none of those things are played up as jokes at his expense (except for maybe his name a few times). But in the end, Kimmy tells others to stop making lame jokes about his name. Most important, Dong subverts the most harmful and damaging stereotype of Asian men: that they are weak (both physically and mentally) and unattractive. He not only gains Kimmy's affection, but he also fights back against Daddy's Boy for her." - Also Dong just sees Kimmy as the bad name... #patterns #reverse_racism #victimizing #whining #personal #BS #pandering #PC_Bro #pub
Josh Gordon getting screwed so badly by the NFL is so sad. Blackmon isn't as bad, but still, come on! This shit wouldn't have happened to either player in my opinion had they been white, possibly with prestigious backing like say being from the Manning family, and were a few more years into the league. Even just 3 years in, Josh Gordon would have multiple Pro Bowl spots and be an established top receiver. Okay Blackmon even with those prob still would be out of the league and shit with a while (even pedigree like Manning family can't save his stuff enough) but Josh Gordon's situation along with his behavior and attitude through all of it? Going along with everything - getting screwed with the BS drinking thing...def would not have happened with at least 2 of the 3 things I mentioned :/ #sports #patterns #patterns_not_walter_white_but_screwing_over_who_you_can #pub
rallying_against_popular_x is a new tag. tag is meant to be for things like clickhole rallying against linkbait crap or people against Youtube prank crap. Or in this case, against xkcd. also usually the rally is against something (too) popular for how it actually is. #funny #blogs #arguments #patterns #rallying_against_popular_x #pub
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Not a very good article. The only thing I checked was converting lifecycles and it didn't do it right. It only converted componentDidMount. The componentDidUpdate it says it converted too, but it didn't at all. #reminders #javascript #career #reminders_too_hard_on_self #patterns #dev #pub