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"Microsoft, we thought you learned your lesson from the from the failure of Bing Cashback. It looks like we were wrong. Earlier today, Microsoft launched Bing Rewards, a new prog..."

Always easy to hate on what isn't popular or in goodwill. Yet Bing Rewards is almost going into its 5th year and the main criticism of needing the Bing toolbar is not needed anymore. Bing Rewards also works on mobile as well now.

Their ending is BS too. Sorry but "awesome new features" won't win them the search war. As if we live in a meritocracy. #haters #meritocracy_acting_like_it_is_there_pattern #going_with_popular_zeitgeist_pattern #meritocracy_lol #willfull_ignorance_pattern #haters_end_up_being_wrong #patterns #pub
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At the Internet Explorer 9 Beta launch event, Bing debuted an array of new HTML5 features, including moving backgrounds, hovering windows and search results that move with you a...

Again with the hating. "Finally"? Come on - Bing has had some things that Google didn't, and did some things first and still are the only ones to have it. Article is slanted and biased against the easy target - Bing and Microsoft. #haters #meritocracy_acting_like_it_is_there_pattern #going_with_popular_zeitgeist_pattern #meritocracy_lol #willfull_ignorance_pattern #haters_end_up_being_wrong #patterns #pub
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