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“States' interests matter and should be explicitly represented at the state level. But we're not talking about the state level, we're talking about the federal level. Senators are there to represent the people of their state, and the fact that some people get vastly more representation than others is wrong. People should be as equal as possible for a given playing field. Funny how the people arguing that it's okay to do this to protect 'minorities' are never, ever okay with doing this for any other minorities. Give extra voting power to people in low pop states to shield them from the majority? Great! Give extra votes to black people, or Asians, or Muslims, or Jews? Uhhhhhh, no, no thank you.” #GOAT #rebuttal_of_norms #status_quo #toread #pub
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Klaus1 says: "There is no other way if you lack the self-disciplin (sic) of a normal adult to not go to that web page." 
_The response:_ Sort of like you lacking the mental ability not to jump into (erroneous) conclusions? #rebuttal_of_norms #rekted #pwnage #classic #pub
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