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With RemObjects Elements, you can use the Swift language to develop for any platform - from Android to .NET, from WebAssembly to native Linux and Windows. #via:pins
Blazing-fast screen sharing, multiplayer control, crystal-clear voice and high-quality video. Perfect for pair programming. Try it now, for free BETA #via:pins
A Venture and Media Flywheel for the Next Generation of Startups #via:pins
Track websites and pages for changes. Get email alerts, push notifications and slack/discord alerts on changes. #via:pins allows you to track web pages for Free. Pricing for advanced plans starts at 9$/ month #via:pins
Create automatic monitors for detecting and scanning changes on web pages, evaluate content based on conditions you define and trigger actions such as notifications, sounds, emails etc. #via:pins
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“The Exponent membership includes exclusive access to all of the course content, unlimited peer mock interviews, our subscriber-only Slack channel, priority access to our job referrals platform, and so much more! Our courses include detailed lessons, guides, videos, and frameworks to help you ace your interview. Browse our courses at What is included in the Exponent Slack Channel? The Exponent Slack Channel is a private community of tens of thousands of other Exponent members. Our Slack Channel has relevant, fresh information on acing interviews and recent interview experiences shared by candidates like yourself. What are priority job referrals? As an Exponent member, you get priority in our job referral platform. This means anytime one of our 400+ referrers looks to refer candidates, you will be placed at the top of the list, and you get unlimited referral requests. Does my membership purchase include coaching? If you’re interested in interview or career coaching, visit Coaching to learn more. Exponent members also receive $50 off any upcoming Masterclass. How does the refund policy work? If you aren’t satisfied with your membership for any reason, reach out to us and let us know how we can help. We offer full refunds within 5 days of purchase.” #via:pins
We match you the best practice peers and set your interviews together, including real-world interview questions, high-quality video chat, collaborative environment, and peer feedback. #via:pins
Rize is a smart time tracker that improves your focus and helps you build better work habits. #via:pins
FairShake gives you the power to exercise your consumer rights. Claim compensation when big companies take advantage of you. It only takes 10 min to start. #via:pins
Details on how React rendering behaves, and how use of Context and React-Redux affect rendering #via:pins #react #dev
Bringing you inside the workspaces of inspiring creatives. Delivered to your inbox every Saturday and Sunday morning. Click to read Workspaces, by Ryan Gilbert, a Substack publication with thousands of readers. #via:pins