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She has used SEOBook! He's a hard right-winger now lol! #@@Karmi #pub
Simple Instagram bot GUI #@@Karmi #social_media_marketing #pub
Automate social media activity to get real followers, likes, and reposts on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram and many more sites. Spend less time marketing! #@@Karmi #social_media_marketing #pub
IPL-aparat za odstranjevanje dlak PHILIPS BRI957/00 LUMEA : Uporaba odstranjevalcev dlačic Philips Lumea zdaj še malce bolj brezskrbna  Brezplačno podaljšanje garancije za 1 leto  Promocijska akcija 2 + 1 vam omogoča podaljšanje garancije na odstranjevalce dlačic Philips Lumea – splošno garancijo za obdobje 2 let lahko podaljšate za 1 leto in si s tem zagotovite kar 3 leta garancije!  Akcija traja do 31.  12. #@@Karmi #pub
Rabbit vibrator Dream Toys Charismatic Carmen, USB-napajanje, roza : Eleganten videz in odlične funkcije vas bodo prevzeli pri tem vibracijskem zajčku. #@@Karmi #pub
39 sqm, apartment, one room, constructed in 1977, renovated 2015, floor: 1/3, for sale. Price: 50.000,00 EUR. Remember 1 sqm is roughly 10.7 sq ft. So ~415 sq ft #@@Karmi #pub
[]( #@@Karmi #pub
@@Zar's surgeon for first two surgeries and hopefully 3rd and final major one too. In Italy. #@@Zar<3 #@@Karmi #pub
The 25 + 1 states that stopped paying early are what I can easily call not America. The one glaring exception is Maryland, however they are the only one to still be paying because of a legal challenge. Indiana has a legal challenge but isn't paying out still. The 25 non paying states listed have 20 that are straight red states. Then 5-6 conservative Democrat or [recently] purple, or liberal Republican**: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Hampshire**, Ohio. Unsure of West Virginia. Arizona, Georgia are recent purple and sometimes leaning Dem. Florida and Ohio became purple decades ago, but lean Republican. Georgia and Florida are completely divided in why they are purple. Florida is geographically dividied with the southern Miami part being Dem. Georgia has their large black population and like Miami, Atlanta is one of the bigger cities and influences. Ohio is in the mid-west where things get conservative Dem quickly. Not sure how Arizona is. Presumably they are conservative Dems as well. The lone blue state, Maryland, has the exception of still paying. The only states to not be ending everything are Ohio, Florida, Arizona, and Alaska which are ending FPUC only. So that's three of the non red states right there. Possibly all of them if WV isnt purple. Alaska is an independent vibe state with loads of money and a need for people, so they being an exception too makes sense. Arizona also ended their $300 FPUC with one of the last dates, in July, vs June. #domestic #not_america #@@Karmi #pub
Real Estate search results: Apartment For sale Trbovlje - Trbovlje on #@@Karmi #pub
Sofi Oksanen has criticized Melania Trump for not being a role model för Eastern European women. Manca Renko wonders where the real prejudice lies. #@@Karmi #Slovenia #pub
‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Stamena - Longer lasting sex. Download Stamena - Longer lasting sex and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. #@@Karmi #pub