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VPS Comparison Table
"The Cryto VPS list is basically a comparison table for VPS providers, giving an overview of VPS plan specifications, prices, and properties like IPv4/IPv6 connectivity or allowing IRC. It allows filtering by specifications as well as a text search, and users (or VPS providers) can submit additional information themselves." "*Currently implemented* Table with specifications Range filtering Guaranteed RAM Burstable RAM Disk space Bandwidth Traffic CPU cores Free backup space Price Showing additional information for VPS plans IPv4/IPv6 connectivity IRC allowed Shared/Dedicated CPU cores Overage billing (automated billing for using more traffic than allocated, as opposed to temporary suspension/nullrouting) Free DNS hosting offered Virtualization platform Text search No referral links or ads :) 1st submission page (rough around edges):" "*Coming soon* Proper user submission of providers and plans, plus corrections on existing entries Sorting Display of more information Server locations Accepted payment methods Automatic RDNS (hidden by default) Filtering by additional information IRC allowed IPv4/IPv6 connectivity Overage billing Free DNS Shared/Dedicated CPU cores Virtualization platform Payment methods Server locations Automatic RDNS" "*Long(er) term to-do list* More info about providers Ratings Discount codes Multiple currencies Display of prices for billing intervals" "projects/vpslist.txt · Last modified: 2012/04/13 12:30 by joepie91" #vps #comparisons #web_hosting #lists #breakdowns #data #linkbait #simple #copy #data_driven #web_tools #pub