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"Introducing Review Signal: Transparent Reviews From Social Media Millions of people share their opinions on social media sites each and every day. Marketing departments are monitoring and using this information to enhance their brands and earn more money. But what do consumers get from all this value they are creating for companies? Nothing. Until now. I am proud to introduce Review Signal. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and honest reviews possible by using the data consumers create. We listen to the conversations, analyze them and visualize them for consumers (for free!). Why Would I Trust That? Every review is an opinion someone shared publicly. That opinion is linked to an identity somewhere, for example a Twitter account. You're welcome to click on any review and see exactly where it came from and determine if you trust that person and their opinion. It's all in the math... sort of You're also welcome to trust Review Signal's ratings. They present an overall picture of a company based on all the messages we've collected about that company. Our math isn't very fancy, it's an approval rating. For example, if 500 people said something positive about company A and 500 said something negative about company A, the rating would be 50%. We also distill the data we collect into trends to see how a company has done over the past 12 months." #web_hosting #web_tools #ideas #copy #steal #rankings #algorithms #social_media #affiliate_marketing #affiliate_driven #data_driven #@next_web_iterations #homepages #pub
Using Twitter right now #algorithms #ideas #copy #breakdowns #explanations #overview #ratings #web_hosting #social_media #machine_learning #basic #pub
"I’ve been a Linode fan and customer for years, but just this week I was made aware of a competing VPS host – DigitalOcean. It’s a pretty compelling sell. A VPS for $5 a month, with a 20GB SSD and 512MB of RAM. Fucking, sweet. But when something sounds this good, I’m sceptical. To dispell or validate my thoughts of a “catch”, I turn to a handy performance analysis tool – Phoronix Benchmark Suite. Here’s the skinny." "The Setup Linode at $20/month :: 4 Cores running at 2.13GHz, 512MB RAM, 24GB disk, Vanilla Ubuntu 12.04 x64 with ext3 filesystem. Xen. DigitalOcean at $5/month :: 1 Core running at 2.0GHz, 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD, Vanilla Ubuntu Server 12.04 x 64 with ext4 filesystem. KVM." "The Conclusion Linode has four cores which results in predictably greater CPU performance. DigitalOcean has SSD disks which results in predictably greater I/O performance. But DigitalOcean is 75% cheaper. That's a shit load the last time I checked. Even if you are transcoding video, you could just get a more powerful DigitalOcean server or more of them. From a strictly performance-per-dollar perspective, DigitalOcean has Linode spanked." #web_hosting #benchmarks #comparisons #blogs #posts #references #vps #dedicated_servers #pub
"The Cryto VPS list is basically a comparison table for VPS providers, giving an overview of VPS plan specifications, prices, and properties like IPv4/IPv6 connectivity or allowing IRC. It allows filtering by specifications as well as a text search, and users (or VPS providers) can submit additional information themselves." "*Currently implemented* Table with specifications Range filtering Guaranteed RAM Burstable RAM Disk space Bandwidth Traffic CPU cores Free backup space Price Showing additional information for VPS plans IPv4/IPv6 connectivity IRC allowed Shared/Dedicated CPU cores Overage billing (automated billing for using more traffic than allocated, as opposed to temporary suspension/nullrouting) Free DNS hosting offered Virtualization platform Text search No referral links or ads :) 1st submission page (rough around edges):" "*Coming soon* Proper user submission of providers and plans, plus corrections on existing entries Sorting Display of more information Server locations Accepted payment methods Automatic RDNS (hidden by default) Filtering by additional information IRC allowed IPv4/IPv6 connectivity Overage billing Free DNS Shared/Dedicated CPU cores Virtualization platform Payment methods Server locations Automatic RDNS" "*Long(er) term to-do list* More info about providers Ratings Discount codes Multiple currencies Display of prices for billing intervals" "projects/vpslist.txt · Last modified: 2012/04/13 12:30 by joepie91" #vps #comparisons #web_hosting #lists #breakdowns #data #linkbait #simple #copy #data_driven #web_tools #pub
"Static Web Hosting for Developers Blazing fast CDN, simple CLI deployment, hassle-free test environments. And much more." #web_hosting #heroku_esque #esque #freemium #SaaS #development #static_site_generators #static_sites #pub
Price is $1.25 month paid per year at $15. "Crissic Solutions offers cheap Linux-based OpenVZ packages starting as low as $1.25 per month with our $15/year OVZ256 plan which bundles 256MB RAM/256MB SWAP, 2 CPU Cores, 50GB of RAID-10 storage, 750GB of bandwidth (each month) and one IPv4 address." #low_end #hosting #web_hosting #vps #price:$15 #price:$1 #from #delicious #pub