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Price is $1.25 month paid per year at $15. "Crissic Solutions offers cheap Linux-based OpenVZ packages starting as low as $1.25 per month with our $15/year OVZ256 plan which bundles 256MB RAM/256MB SWAP, 2 CPU Cores, 50GB of RAID-10 storage, 750GB of bandwidth (each month) and one IPv4 address." #low_end #hosting #web_hosting #vps #price:$15 #price:$1 #from #delicious #pub
"We're beer nerds making an app for beer nerds. If you're looking for something new and original but also very powerful, TapCellar might be that app for you. TapCellar works offline. No data connections required for search, journaling or rating. Over 45,000 craft brews right on your phone. TapCellar isn't a social network and doesn't require an account or subscription. TapCellar doesn't lock you in either. Post to Untappd, share a Mug Shot or export your data. You can also backup your TapCellar data your way. There's no syncing service but every bit of your journals, notes, grades and photos can be exported using iOS sharing. We never see what you write unless you want to give it to us. We've built the app that we want to use as beer nerds. There's a huge amount of data and an unparalleled feature-rich private drinking journal. TapCellar is designed from the ground up to work with one hand, because we know the other hand is holding a beer. Our unique tap and slide control for grading means you can grade a beer as fast as you can find it." | "" #alcohol #iOS #apps #journaling #quantified_self #organization #paid #price:$1 #price:$3 #home_page #pub