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"For a long time we've believed that the web hosting industry hasn't had enough transparency around performance & uptime. Our aim is to provide a transparent platform that gives you the data you need to make the right decisions when choosing a web host. What We Do We've built a method for running UnixBench server benchmarks in the cloud, currently this is only available for Linux based servers. Every benchmark has a unique key that when completed syncs securely with our server & passes the benchmark data back. We use the hostname to check if the server being benchmarked matches up with the host it's attached to, we also look at some other metrics like hard drive space, RAM & the CPU's to make sure the plan matches up. Once the benchmark is complete we'll send you a report that shows your current plan in comparison to similar plans. For example if you're on a VPS we might show you similar VPS plans with better performance & some lower tier dedicated servers. The benchmark then gets assigned to that host giving us richer data for the next time we run a report. We also have a benchmarks section which groups the data by server type, so you can see the current top performing dedicated servers or cloud providers. Running the benchmarking script on your server is a completely secure process, we understand that some people may not feel comfortable running a foreign script on their server. Our aim is to be transparent so you can view the code we're executing on GitHub." #reviews #reviews_site #comparisons #hosting #benchmarks #vps #dedicated_servers #bootstrap_layout #ideas #affiliate_marketing #copy #steal #rankings #@next_web_iterations #coupons #affiliate_driven #pub
"Wordcounter is a word count and a character count tool. Simply place your cursor into the box and begin typing. Word counter will automatically count the number of words and characters as you type. You can also copy and paste a document you have already written into the word counter box and it will display the word count and character numbers for that piece of writing. Knowing the number of words or characters in a document can be important. For example, if the author is required to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an article or paper, word counter can help them know if their article meets these requirements. In addition, word counter automatically shows you the top 10 keywords and keyword density of the article you're writing. This allows you to know what keywords you use most often and what percentage each is used within the article. This can help you from over-using certain words in your writing and allow you to make sure you have the correct keyword distribution you're trying to obtain for any article you write. Word counts can also be important in defining typing and reading speeds. Word counter can help determine both of these. Simply set a timer and start typing and when the time is up, you'll instantly know how many words you have typed for that period of time." #wordpress_extensions #browser_extensions #iOS #web_tools #simple #ideas #copy #@next_web_iterations #bootstrap_esque #linkbait #MFA_esque #pub
"What is Article Formatter? There is nothing more frustrating as a blogger, writer and editor to receive a Microsoft Word document or an Open Office document, and place it into your Wordpress blog only to see a ton of invalid characters. This is an issue with how Microsoft Word documents and Wordpress handle special characters like apostrophes, quotation marks and dashes. Microsoft Word uses a system called Windows-1252 while Wordpress uses UTF-8. If you try to place a Word document directly into a Wordpress post, these special characters can reek havoc on the article, especially during Wordpress updates leaving funny looking characters in the middle of your articles. The best way to solve this is to make sure that all the invalid characters are switched from the Windows-1252 format to the UTF-8 format. This is exactly what article formatter does. It strips out all the Word characters and replaces them with Wordpress characters so that you won't get any of the strange looking characters in the middle of your articles. This saves you countless hours of going through article after article replacing these characters by hand. In addition, if you receive articles by email, they can often not format correctly when placed into Wordpress with line breaks in the incorrect places. Article formatter will take care of these breaks so that the article appears with the correct formatting saving you time of having to do it all by hand." #web_tools #simple #ideas #copy #@next_web_iterations #bootstrap_layout #linkbait #MFA_esque #pub
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"Introducing Review Signal: Transparent Reviews From Social Media Millions of people share their opinions on social media sites each and every day. Marketing departments are monitoring and using this information to enhance their brands and earn more money. But what do consumers get from all this value they are creating for companies? Nothing. Until now. I am proud to introduce Review Signal. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and honest reviews possible by using the data consumers create. We listen to the conversations, analyze them and visualize them for consumers (for free!). Why Would I Trust That? Every review is an opinion someone shared publicly. That opinion is linked to an identity somewhere, for example a Twitter account. You're welcome to click on any review and see exactly where it came from and determine if you trust that person and their opinion. It's all in the math... sort of You're also welcome to trust Review Signal's ratings. They present an overall picture of a company based on all the messages we've collected about that company. Our math isn't very fancy, it's an approval rating. For example, if 500 people said something positive about company A and 500 said something negative about company A, the rating would be 50%. We also distill the data we collect into trends to see how a company has done over the past 12 months." #web_hosting #web_tools #ideas #copy #steal #rankings #algorithms #social_media #affiliate_marketing #affiliate_driven #data_driven #@next_web_iterations #homepages #pub
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"Townsquare Media is the largest music focused advertising network online consisting of over 1,500 music sites and reaching over 60 million people each month according to comScore. We operate offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco and work with brand marketers to develop custom sponsorship opportunities across our network of marquee music sites." lists 30 sites #music #networks #empires #web_2.0 #@next_web_iterations #pub