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"For a long time we've believed that the web hosting industry hasn't had enough transparency around performance & uptime. Our aim is to provide a transparent platform that gives you the data you need to make the right decisions when choosing a web host. What We Do We've built a method for running UnixBench server benchmarks in the cloud, currently this is only available for Linux based servers. Every benchmark has a unique key that when completed syncs securely with our server & passes the benchmark data back. We use the hostname to check if the server being benchmarked matches up with the host it's attached to, we also look at some other metrics like hard drive space, RAM & the CPU's to make sure the plan matches up. Once the benchmark is complete we'll send you a report that shows your current plan in comparison to similar plans. For example if you're on a VPS we might show you similar VPS plans with better performance & some lower tier dedicated servers. The benchmark then gets assigned to that host giving us richer data for the next time we run a report. We also have a benchmarks section which groups the data by server type, so you can see the current top performing dedicated servers or cloud providers. Running the benchmarking script on your server is a completely secure process, we understand that some people may not feel comfortable running a foreign script on their server. Our aim is to be transparent so you can view the code we're executing on GitHub." #reviews #reviews_site #comparisons #hosting #benchmarks #vps #dedicated_servers #bootstrap_layout #ideas #affiliate_marketing #copy #steal #rankings #@next_web_iterations #coupons #affiliate_driven #pub
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"Discover, Compare and Choose the Right Business Apps 3,000+ apps to help grow your business  BI & Analytics  Collaboration  Customer Management  Customer Service  Finance & Accounting  Human Resources  Communications  IT Management  Marketing  Operations  Project Management  Sales" Interesting how they own or have some strong affiliation with sites/apps like CloudWork, the IFTTT alternative. And that the bottom of their site has so many different links of them trying to make money or be bigger. Like stuff for "software buyers", "SaaS Vendors", "Web Publishers", and finallyy they have a "GetApp Lab" section ala Google Labs, lol. #ideas #copycopy #lists #simple #user_generated_content #reviews #web_2.0 #search #references #user_generated_data #data_driven #reviews_site #pub
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__This seems like some BS or just really weak/simple/bad algo.
Insightly is #1? Really? Yeah OKAY. LOL.__

"Top Business Apps for July 2015 The GetApp "Top Business Apps" ranking is based on a composite algorithm that incorporates several criteria, including listing popularity on GetApp, number of user reviews and comments, social media presence such as Twitter and Facebook followers, volume and quality of integration points, and input from analyst reports. Those Apps represent a wide variety of software which enable you to enhance your productivity and your business success. The list is updated monthly and includes the best 25 business apps from this ranking." #clickbait #lists #linkbait #algorithms #copy #examples #references #data_driven #user_generated_data #ideas #reviews_site #user_generated_content #reviews #pub
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