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"Introducing Review Signal: Transparent Reviews From Social Media Millions of people share their opinions on social media sites each and every day. Marketing departments are monitoring and using this information to enhance their brands and earn more money. But what do consumers get from all this value they are creating for companies? Nothing. Until now. I am proud to introduce Review Signal. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and honest reviews possible by using the data consumers create. We listen to the conversations, analyze them and visualize them for consumers (for free!). Why Would I Trust That? Every review is an opinion someone shared publicly. That opinion is linked to an identity somewhere, for example a Twitter account. You're welcome to click on any review and see exactly where it came from and determine if you trust that person and their opinion. It's all in the math... sort of You're also welcome to trust Review Signal's ratings. They present an overall picture of a company based on all the messages we've collected about that company. Our math isn't very fancy, it's an approval rating. For example, if 500 people said something positive about company A and 500 said something negative about company A, the rating would be 50%. We also distill the data we collect into trends to see how a company has done over the past 12 months." #web_hosting #web_tools #ideas #copy #steal #rankings #algorithms #social_media #affiliate_marketing #affiliate_driven #data_driven #@next_web_iterations #homepages #pub