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Liked on YouTube. | Title: tana mongeau on Fear& - labor updates - climate activists shut down NY Federal Reserve. | Description: 0:00 starting soon

23:08 intro, complaining

34:12 Keffals, leftist infighting

36:49 Sneako is a plague on the internet

42:42 Skyrocketing CEO Pay Is Fueling a Historic Auto Strike - More Perfect Union

49:46 UAW Leader Shreds GM CEO’s Lies About Performance Based Pay - The Majority Report

1:10:51 Rashida Tlaib Makes Impassioned Plea On Behalf Of Striking UAW Workers - The Majority Report

1:21:16 "Stop Financing Fossil Fuels": 149 Climate Activists Arrested Blocking NY Federal Reserve, Hit Banks - Democracy Now

1:33:04 The Girls & Gays Finally Outnumber Hasanabi ft. Tana Mongeau | Fear&IceSpice

3:05:39 Showing Love To The Unliked - Noel Miller

3:24:04 my vintage summer wardrobe got stolen in Rome - Karolina Żebrowska








VOD 9-19-23

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