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Liked on YouTube. | Title: new Halloween emotes!! she lives!! fundraising for my luxury bones - fear&, dark history. | Description: 0:00 starting soon

21:57 intro, complaining

26:17 The Boys Episode. (Ft. Eddy Burback, Hasanabi, WillNeff & AustinShow) | Fear&Margaritaville

1:29:13 Alex Jones Will Eat Your Leftist Ass (remix) | Song A Day #4145- Jonathan Mann

1:31:04 😂 FUNNY AF - Her Dad Was Punched In the Face for Being a Trump Support #UNCandNEPH

1:32:30 Joe.I.Am's Vaxxed And Boosted REMIX - The Remix Bros - The Remix Bros

1:34:29 back to Fear&

1:45:17 Killer Pesticides, Human Rights Violations & Forbidden Fruit - The DH Of The Chicano Movement - Bailey Sarian

2:36:43 How to Catch a Kangaroo (by hand) - The Urban Rescue Ranch

2:50:47 Big Ounce Goes to Jail (dies) - The Urban Rescue Ranch

3:02:59 I Fed a Sea Turtle to my Prairie Dog (deportation speedrun) - The Urban Rescue Ranch








Music Underwater 4K - Music Relieves Anxiety And Stress - Beautiful Coral Reef Fish @SeaDeep999

VOD 9-28-23

#react #streamer #commentary #socialissues #VOD. | Published at: September 29, 2023 at 09:07AM.

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Liked on YouTube. | Title: why Hasan left the Leftovers - dark history of starbucks - Chad Chad, Urban Rescue Ranch, and more. | Description: 0:00 starting soon

16:56 starting soon

25:53 Scientists Develop Tests That Can Detect If Someone Took Abortion Pills - Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey

40:45 Hasan Is Leaving Leftovers - Leftovers #58

1:54:49 Gay Frogs (Alex Jones REMIX) - placeboing

1:56:01 "telling you right now" (remix) by: remix god suede | American Airlines Lady- Peiteman

1:57:22 Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song- Nick Lutsko

5:17:44 My Neck, My Back- Richard Cheese

5:20:17 Fox News as an '80s Power-Pop song- Nick Lutsko

5:23:47 MittenMan - Day by Dave

5:26:30 Pumpkin Spiced Lies - The Secrets of Starbucks | Dark History with Bailey Sarian

6:14:04 This is...Sales Training? - Chad Chad

6:28:38 golfer freakout guy is just insane- he said us

6:36:39 This Wasn't a Good Idea- Daily Dose of Internet

6:41:01 I Bought an Ostrich Farm (to feed Big Ounce) - The Urban Rescue Ranch

6:54:04 Asking the hard hitting questions in Houston | Stavros Halkias | Stand Up Comedy
















Kitten Rescue Cat Cam powered by @ExploreLiveNatureCams

Underwater Salmon Cam - Katmai National Park, Alaska powered by @explorebears

Amazing Underwater World Of The Red Sea 4K (ULTRA HD) - Tropical Fish, Coral Reefs @4KWonderRelax

VOD 9-21-23

#react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: September 22, 2023 at 10:18PM.

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Liked on YouTube. | Title: tana mongeau on Fear& - labor updates - climate activists shut down NY Federal Reserve. | Description: 0:00 starting soon

23:08 intro, complaining

34:12 Keffals, leftist infighting

36:49 Sneako is a plague on the internet

42:42 Skyrocketing CEO Pay Is Fueling a Historic Auto Strike - More Perfect Union

49:46 UAW Leader Shreds GM CEO’s Lies About Performance Based Pay - The Majority Report

1:10:51 Rashida Tlaib Makes Impassioned Plea On Behalf Of Striking UAW Workers - The Majority Report

1:21:16 "Stop Financing Fossil Fuels": 149 Climate Activists Arrested Blocking NY Federal Reserve, Hit Banks - Democracy Now

1:33:04 The Girls & Gays Finally Outnumber Hasanabi ft. Tana Mongeau | Fear&IceSpice

3:05:39 Showing Love To The Unliked - Noel Miller

3:24:04 my vintage summer wardrobe got stolen in Rome - Karolina Żebrowska








VOD 9-19-23

#react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: September 20, 2023 at 09:03AM.

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Liked on YouTube. | Title: nuclear stunlock, looking into Mackenzie Shirilla - dark history, headlines, youtube pranks, fun. | Description: 00:00:00 starting soon

00:20:01 intro

00:29:50 Is Taylor Swift a Bad Person? @HasanAbi

00:46:01 U.S. Activists Arrested at European Air Bases Protesting U.S. Nuclear Weapons Stationed There @DemocracyNow

01:00:36 nuke stunlock

01:02:15 Simulation of a Nuclear Blast in a Major City @NeilHalloran

01:16:00 5 Largest Nuclear Tests Caught On Camera @Underworld5s

01:35:27 HasanAbi - Red Sun in the Sky (AI Cover) @feathere

01:38:29 Killing In The Name Performed By The North Korean Military Chorus (Rare Footage) @LarsVonRetriever

01:40:53 Zzz @WelcomeCafe

01:41:49 Disgusting Bobbi Althoff Drake Scandal Fueled By Lies, Linus Tech Tips Update & Fix, & Todays News @PhilipDeFranco

01:53:26 Mackenzie Shirilla stunlock - Teen Convicted of Intentionally Crashing Car into Brick Wall at 100 mph to Kill Boyfriend: 'This Was Murder' @People

02:09:39 back to philip defranco

02:39:53 Agent Orange, Birth Defects and Toxic Cereal: The Silent Killer, Monsanto Chemical Company @BaileySarian

03:45:23 YouTube Pranks Got Worse @jarvis

04:05:41 Zzz @WelcomeCafe

04:09:34 They Have No Sense of Danger @DailyDoseOfInternet

04:19:36 Man justifies shameless DoorDash order | Stavros Halkias | Stand Up Comedy @StavvyBaby

04:24:41 One Guy, 40 Million Bees @tryguys


democracy now

neil halloran



lars von retriever

Welcome Café

philip defranco

people article

dark history with bailey sarian

jarvis johnson

daily dose

stavvy baby

the try guys

LIVE: Bramble kittens!


VOD 8-17-23

#react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: August 18, 2023 at 10:36PM.

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Liked on YouTube. | Title: elon is spiraling - in the app hole - tiktok adpocalypse - history time; sphinx cats. | Description: 0:00 starting soon

19:47 intro, complaining

28:30 Elon is spiralling

29:33 Elon Musk Brutally IMPLODES With Unimaginable Antisemitism Escalation - The Damage Report

38:33 Elon Musk: Enemy of the People - Ro Ramdin

1:42:45 problemas - weed sex TV (ft. nesta & sisters of the valley)

1:46:31 Social Trends: Into the App Hole - Kuncan Dastner

2:09:38 Tiktok's Ad Apocalypse is Worse Than You Think - Ro Ramdin

2:36:47 The Insane History Of Sphynx Cat Breeding: Victorian Era -- Present - Strange Aeons







VOD 9-9-23

#react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: September 10, 2023 at 02:04PM.

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Liked on YouTube. | Title: painting - anti wokeness - conservative lgbtq - why are disabled people gayge - women's sports. | Description: 0:00 starting soon 14:00 intro, complaining 26:51 Anti-Wokeness: A Nonsense Ideology - Noah Samsen 1:01:36 conservative queers - The Queer Kiwi 1:39:55 Why are so many disabled people gay? - Jessica Kellgren-Fozard 2:00:55 the never ending fight for women's sports - Alice Cappelle 2:17:22 This Man Is PATHETIC - D'Angelo Wallace 2:46:02 Fresh and Fit are gone... here's why that doesn't matter - Signified B Sides 3:11:01 why are street interviews so popular? - Alice Cappelle 3:32:41 Human Flies and the Bizarre History of Daredevils - Kaz Rowe 3:56:28 The Most Unhinged Response To A Controversy (w/ ethan is online) - greenisnotnick @NoahSamsen @TheQueerKiwi @jessicaoutofthecloset @AliceCappelle @DAngeloWallace @signifiedbsides1129 @AliceCappelle @KazRowe @greenisnotnick Fish: Aquarium 4K VIDEO (ULTRA HD) 🐠 Sea Animals With Relaxing Music - Rare & Colorful Sea Life Video #6 @4krelaxation0409 VOD 9-10-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: September 11, 2023 at 04:07PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: larry sinclair on alleged obama affair - quartering interviews Amouranth - Dark History and more. | Description: 0:00 starting soon 12:38 intro, complaining 23:51 Confronting Top Only Fans Model Amouranth On AI, Predatory Models, Side Hustles, Double Standards - TheQuartering 1:32:20 intermission - Alex Jones Rants as an Indie Folk Song Nick Lutsko 1:35:16 Trump Indictment REMIX - The Remix Bros 1:37:30 back to the Amouranth interview 2:35:50 Welcome Café - Zzz 2:40:01 Ep. 22 Larry Sinclair says he had a night of crack cocaine-fueled sex with Barack Obama - Tucker on X 3:35:48 Trans People Are My Friends (Official Music Video) - Craic Boi Mental 3:37:11 😂 FUNNY AF - Her Dad Was Punched In the Face for Being a Trump Support #UNCandNEPH 3:38:40 Gay Frogs (Alex Jones REMIX) - placeboing 3:39:52 Lil Mariko - Hi, I'm a Slut (feat. ppcocaine) [Full Tac Remix] Official Music Video 3:42:49 A Free Concert from Hell: Deadly Drugs, Murder and Music | Dark History with Bailey Sarian @TheQuartering @realnicklutsko @TheRemixBros @WelcomeCafe Tucker on X @craicboimental6641 @uncandneph146 @placeboing @lilmarikoofficial @BaileySarian FISH : 4K (60 FPS) STUNNING UNDERWATER WONDERS OF THE RED SEA + Relaxing Music - Coral Reefs & Colorful Sea @12KScenicRelaxation VOD 9-8-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: September 9, 2023 at 05:49PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: satanic panic 2 - celebrities suck - memes, barbie, shein - girl dinner, girl's girl, -girl/ -core. | Description: 0:00 starting soon 15:35 intro, HasanAbi - Rich Men North of Richmond (AI Cover) - feathere_tv 23:38 endemic? ah well pfft time to do nothing - Complainie Lainie (me) 34:32 Doja Cat and the Return of the Satanic Panic - Shanspeare 1:13:02 HasanAbi - Rich Men North of Richmond (AI Cover) - feathere_tv 1:16:53 Is Beyonce demonic or are you just anti black? -Signified B Sides 1:40:45 Celebrities Suck At Politics - Wisecrack 2:07:49 problemas - weed sex TV (ft. nesta & sisters of the valley) 2:11:32 the circus of celebrity house tours - Mina Le 2:57:10 The Power of Memes | A RANT - Intelexual Media 3:15:45 "telling you right now" (remix) by: remix god suede | American Airlines Lady - Peiteman 3:17:30 back to Intelexual Media 3:19:11 😂 FUNNY AF - Her Dad Was Punched In the Face for Being a Trump Support #UNCandNEPH 3:20:43 Welcome Café - Flirting 3:21:25 Don't Fall for the "Barbie Agenda" Bait - Kuncan Dastner 3:36:54 The TikTok Brand Trip That Almost Destroyed Shein - Shanspeare 4:27:45 Nouvelle Vague - In A Manner Of Speaking | Lyrics Video 4:33:27 we need to talk about girl dinner - Swell Entertainment 4:49:23 Welcome Café - Flirting 4:53:08 back to Swell Entertainment 5:03:12 The anatomy of a "girls' girl" (& when it turns toxic) - Tara Mooknee @feathere @Shanspeare @signifiedbsides1129 VOD 9-3-23 @complainielainie @WisecrackEDU @problemasproblemas @gremlita @IntelexualMedia @peiteman @uncandneph146 @WelcomeCafe @KuncanDastner @Shanspeare @lynics_lyrics @SwellEntertainment @TaraMooknee #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: September 5, 2023 at 01:04AM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: UPS wins negotiations - tiktok general strike won't work - hasan on sad boyz. | Description: 0:00 starting soon 18:22 intro 29:30 Why TikTok’s September 1st Strike Won't Work - SeanDaBlack 1:32:57 UPS Negotiations Yield Massive Success - The Majority Report 1:43:31 Hasan Piker Gets Us Cancelled | Sad Boyz @SeanTheBlack @TheMajorityReport @SadBoyzPod VOD 9-1-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: September 2, 2023 at 12:41PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: billionaire watch - do you know the Arnault family? researching my first video essay then fun. | Description: 00:00:00 starting soon 00:24:10 intro 00:33:34 bernard arnault overview, richest men 00:42:40 LVMH, nepotism, and their 75 brands 01:24:58 The Myth Of The "Self-Made" Billionaire @SecondThought 01:43:13 TOP Richest Person Comparison (wealthiest people on the planet comparison)💲💲💲@RealDatacomparison 01:47:05 Why I Hate Bernard Arnault @wallstreetmillennial 02:17:08 Thanks Boss / Merci patron ! (2016) - Trailer (English Subs) @unifrance 02:28:13 Skibidi Toilet - Season 1 [FULL SCREEN] @DaFuqBoom 02:29:30 😂 FUNNY AF - Her Dad Was Punched In the Face for Being a Trump Support @uncandneph146 02:30:59 Joe.I.Am's Vaxxed And Boosted REMIX @TheRemixBros 02:33:58 Bernard Arnault | Full Q&A @OxfordUnion 02:37:00 Alexandre Arnault, CEO of RIMOWA @GoldmanSachs 02:38:22 Arnault Family Is The Real Life 'Succession' Worth $708 Billion @TheProjectTV 02:41:03 The Ruthless Rise of The Wolf in Cashmere @jaketran 02:49:33 Lisa and Frédéric Arnault were seen on a romantic date in Paris, but the truth is... @ABIZENTBUZZ 02:50:34 Bernard Arnault's Billionaire Children Audition to Take Over Louis Vuitton 02:54:50 Inside Bernard Arnault's Billionaire Lifestyle @9figurelifechannel 03:06:32 How Bernard Arnault Ruined Fashion @fashionlover4 03:28:03 Guess What Sport I Play @cut 03:40:54 We Went To Cheese School @tryguys second thought real data wallstreet millenial DaFuq!?Boom! unifrance unc and neph the remix bros oxfordunion goldman sachs the project jake tran abiz ent buzz 9 figure life wion fashionlover4 cut the try guys VOD 8-12-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: August 13, 2023 at 11:22AM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: celebrity, influencers, and you - taylor swift is a scab. | Description: VOD 8-6-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: August 7, 2023 at 10:26PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: debunking myths - iq tests, ai will end/save us, ai has human flaws, cultural marxism, cops good. | Description: VOD 8-5-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: August 7, 2023 at 11:33AM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: piers morgan and pearl having a mid off - the sigma female - streamer camp - are oceans collapsing?. | Description: VOD 7-29-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: August 4, 2023 at 08:31PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: dark history of the founding fathers - positive leftist news - fun reacts. | Description: VOD 8-4-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: August 6, 2023 at 09:47PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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Liked on YouTube. | Title: more leftist infighting pepeW - video essunday - Shanspeare on AI - Foreign on queer racists. | Description: VOD 7-9-23 #react #streamer #commentary #socialissues. | Published at: July 27, 2023 at 02:08PM. #%via:ifttt #%youtube #bookmarked_on_site #%watched #%consumed
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TV Show Renewal, Cancellations and Endings - All the latest cancellation / renewal news on your favorite TV shows! #niches #copy_def #data #commentary #data_driven #niche_sites #ideas #pub
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"While everyone re-lives that great Internet moment when all the world joined together to bully a 13 year old girl, let's review some facts:
 - Rebecca Black became a millionaire not long after offering Friday for sale on iTunes. She then became a former millionaire by donating everything she made to Japan for earthquake relief efforts. - Since recording Friday, Rebecca Black has gone on to release numerous new songs, each better than the last by all accounts. - She has performed in some rather impressive venues including the House of Blues, the Tonight Show and a cameo appearance in a rather popular Katy Perry music video. - She has more than 330,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her most recent cover video has over 11,000,000 views. She did that without a worldwide army of detractors. Just a song. 
So let's make sure we take a balanced look at what she's accomplished and remember she did it all before she was legally allowed to vote."

Someone added that her personal youtube channel has 1.1M subscribers.

And roughly make $2-4? per 1K views on avg on Youtube? Not sure how it is in late 2015 and for different thing. #memes #commentary #charity #selfless #viral #kindness #inspirational #pub
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