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“Monitor a whole website, part of a website or a single page Set up configurations for multiple sites / pages Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly scan Be alerted to any changes, visible text, source code or changes to the page's resources Be able to demonstrate what a page looked like on a particular date Be aware of every change to a competitor's page / site Runs locally, not a cloud service. Own your own data. An archive is kept*, including all changes to pages, images, style sheets and js View a 'living' version of a historical page, not a screenshot Switch between versions of the page to compare them Export a historical page as image or collection of all of its files Export the entire site, preserving all files as they were on a given date, or processed to make a browsable local copy of the site. * The archive is internal and in a proprietary format. It has to be that way in order to save changes over time. You can however export all files for a single page, or export all files for the entire site for a given date. WebArch Logo If you are interested in a 'one shot' crawl-and-save then see WebArch which is a free app that does this one job with a very simple interface“ #mac_apps #dev #debugging #sysadmin #price_one_time:$25 #trial #30_day_trial #Ked #pub
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