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"Minify, Compile & Compress your web files and images. FEATURES What you'll love Batteries included No need to install anything at all. It just works. Out of the box. Drag your files, folders or anything into Squeezer and it will take care of the rest. Amazing support (*Almost) any filetype you imagine is supported: HTML, CSS, LESS, Stylus, Sass, SCSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Literate CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Babel/ES6, PNG, JPG, SVG Lightning fast Squeezer is fast; like, really fast! Just click 'go' and let it do its magic. Do you also want to also "watch" your files for changes and have them processed on-the-fly? Done!" #mac_apps #trial #dev #web_development #Ked
Price:$100 -- "Transform Your Data Into Information Easy Data Transform is suitable for a wide range of data transformation tasks, including: Merging multiple data sources Changing CSV file delimiters and encodings Filtering and analysing log files Migrating legacy data Deduping email and address lists Restructuring data columns Reformatting dates, times and numbers Data cleansing" #trial #pricey #Ked #mac_apps
“Monitor a whole website, part of a website or a single page Set up configurations for multiple sites / pages Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, monthly scan Be alerted to any changes, visible text, source code or changes to the page's resources Be able to demonstrate what a page looked like on a particular date Be aware of every change to a competitor's page / site Runs locally, not a cloud service. Own your own data. An archive is kept*, including all changes to pages, images, style sheets and js View a 'living' version of a historical page, not a screenshot Switch between versions of the page to compare them Export a historical page as image or collection of all of its files Export the entire site, preserving all files as they were on a given date, or processed to make a browsable local copy of the site. * The archive is internal and in a proprietary format. It has to be that way in order to save changes over time. You can however export all files for a single page, or export all files for the entire site for a given date. WebArch Logo If you are interested in a 'one shot' crawl-and-save then see WebArch which is a free app that does this one job with a very simple interface“ #mac_apps #dev #debugging #sysadmin #price_one_time:$25 #trial #30_day_trial #Ked #pub
MacKed | Download Cracked Mac Apps and Games for Free, Updated Daily with all the Best Most Popular Mac Apps in the Mac App Store. #Ked #mac_apps #piracy #pub
iPAStore - NO jailbreak needed. Per device, $17/year. Within a month you can change the device UDID (which is how they link your stuff), after that, need to re-pay

It just has apps and some Cydia apps. So it isn't really special in terms of if you are jailbroken, what's the point? Maybe it is friendlier in terms of being one central repo, but not worth paying unless there's no way you can jailbreak and they have access. Like if this is available for iOS 9 and there's no jailbreak nearby for it, then it might be worth it. However, paying $32 for 2 devices. What if I upgrade one? Then another $16...besides a few helpful Cydia stuff (namely f.lux at this point, maybe scrobbling, and external mouse/keyboard stuff if they ever get better/updated for new OSes), you just get Ked apps. And the ones I want could all be bought for like $50. And even my reaching ones would just be another $50. Then I just have to buy the new version every other year roughly. --- price increased to $30/year so not worth it for sure, most likely. #yearly #subscriptions #iOS #price:$17 #Ked #paid #jailbreak #K #price:$30 #sideloading #pub
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GrandTotal is 160 Euros! -- Write invoices on your Mac - fast and efficient. Compatible with Timings, mite, toggl, Tyme, MoneyMoney, Receipts and many more. #Ked #price:$170 #pricey #pub