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"That Girl At The Party − Most people "won't" because they don't believe they CAN. The strong belief in the "I am" and the "I can" precedes the "I will" and "I did." #quotes #inspirational #@internalize #clarifications #pub

"Most people want to be fit, most people aren’t. Most people want to build a successful business, most people won’t. Most people want to be the best version of themselves, most people aren’t. Most people have dreams they want to fulfill, most people won’t. Everyone wants to quit something, build something, be something, do something. Most people won’t. How many things have we wanted? How many opportunities have we craved? How many broken things have we wanted to fix? And how many of those have we shrunk from. Hid from. Or, excused away. We’re not alone. Most people won’t. But every once in a while someone puts themselves out there. Makes the leap. Faces rejection or failure or worse. And comes out the other side. Better. Changed. Bolder. Most people won’t. Which means those that do change everything." #blog_posts #stories #inspirational #quick #pub
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