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"Say you’re just about to start working on something. You sit down, put on your headphones and start writing code. After two hours of intensive work you find out you’ve gotten almost nowhere. You’re wondering why, you didn’t think the task you picked would take that much time, in fact you didn’t think about it at all. So you’ve spent two hours and you feel like you have done nothing. You think, “I might as well check if there are some new creative uses of my favorite meme.” And you end up on Reddit. If you had estimated the task in the first place, you would know it’s a three pointer, so it’s gonna take a while and that’s okay. After finishing it after four hours of intensive focus, you know exactly why it took so long — because it was a three pointer! And you know you’ve accomplished a good deal of work, and you’re happy to keep going. Now let’s talk about another case: There’s some really easy task to do, but suddenly something of highest importance appears in your Facebook news feed (your ex is now in a relationship). Two hours later you find out you could’ve finished your simple task a long time ago, but you didn’t, so you’re really demotivated. If you estimated that task in the first place, it would get a point or two, and you would feel really motivated to deliver it. When the important Facebook item comes up you would think “well my ex being in a relationship is utterly important, but this task is just a one-pointer so I’m gonna finish it first.”... " #productivity #task_management #discipline #mindfulness #blog_posts #to_the_point #pub
Podcaster says UTM/extra url parameters for tracking are bad. This guy, Brett, says "I did it because adding that extra stuff to the URL lets me track, over time, my conversion rate for that link. Now, I know lots of cranky web nerds recoil in horror at the mere mention of phrases like “conversion rates”, but some of us are running real businesses and have learned not to throw the marketing baby out with the douchebag bathwater." #Hmm #discussion #affiliate_marketing #butthurt #status_quo #crusade #blog_posts #pub
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"Here are some ways to eliminate your Facebook usage throughout the day, and at the end I present my very own hack that seems to be working pretty great for me. #1: Just don't go there Make a decision to stay away from Facebook until late evening, or to only go there once a week. Sounds nice, but it's actually pretty hard. #2: Deactivate your account Wish you could, don't you? I couldn't because there are a lot of people who don't have/don't care about my email address... I guess Facebook is slowly killing e-mail. #3: Only use the messenger app I did this for a couple of months. I changed my password to something random and didn't go to the website. It was nice, but I actually missed Facebook, mostly picture sharing. #4: My hack to visit Facebook only once a day Only once a day. I changed my password to something long and random, and I made a program that will store it, and only give it to you once a day. Here's how it works: Set your password The program will encrypt it and store to the disk (~/.once) If you ask for the password, it'll copy it to the clipboard (But only once a day!) You log in to Facebook, use it, then log out. Of course there are ways to go around this, but for me, it's just not worth the effort. So this solution works pretty great. Question for you: If you use Mac, would you buy an app to manage this process? It would handle multiple websites, and you could set how many times a day you can use the website... It would be priced at $2.99." #blog_posts #discipline #productivity #work_ethics #distractions #remove_temptations #pub
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"julia brown 1 week ago until I looked at the receipt four $7787, I didn't believe best friend woz like actualie earning money parttime from there new laptop.. there neighbor has done this 4 only about fourteen months and as of now paid the depts on there home and bought Mazda MX-5. go to my site ......." #footprints #comment_spam #blog_posts #blogs #affiliate_spam #%julia_brown #pub
"People suffering from and trying to overcome Impostor Syndrome (the feeling that even though you are doing good work and have made some big accomplishments that you’re really an “impostor” at your job and people are going find out) are somewhat endemic to startup and tech circles. ... So, it was pretty surprising that the best advice that I’ve heard on the subject comes from Conan O’Brien. “In improvisational acting there is this great rule that I’ve used in my life: ‘Act As If’. Act as if this is completely normal. Of course I’m supposed to be interviewing Barack Obama. Of course I’m supposed to be playing guitar with Bruce Springsteen and of course there’s a big part of me inside that’s saying: ‘What are you talking about?’” From “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop” — 21:00 The best entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with have (without naming it) exhibited this same pattern. 1. Recognize privately and intellectually that some big crazy thing is about to happen: a key investor meeting, a sales call to a big new client or interview with a major publication. 2. Do the hard work of preparing and making sure their product and facts are all in line. 3. Execute through their fears and anxieties by “acting as if” in public. Nothing is a cure all, but it is surprising how much even a simple phrase repeated to yourself can help. Case in point: “Of course I should be writing a blog post about Impostor Syndrome.”" #better_humans #introspective #blog_posts #confidence #focus #grit #pub
(Co-founder of Soylent) "My Daily Goals Matt Cauble I have decided that I want to be more creative. To become more creative, I must do more creative things. Every day, I am going to take at least one picture and post the best photo of the day to Instagram. I need the social feedback to remind me that art isn't very good if noone really likes it. I plan to become really fit, so I will work out every day. If I don't work out that day, it's because I am drinking with friends. That's ok too. I want to build something people want. Every day I will work on something that I think people want and release that something in 60 days. If I haven't determined if people want what I am making after 60 days, I will stop and move on. I desire better writing skills. Like my plan for developing more creativity, I will post to this blog once a week. I will spend the week writing the post, iterating, and perfecting. Hopefully I can gain social feedback here too." #blog_posts #motivation #pub
"Shutting down a product after an acqui-hire is not something you celebrate with users." #well_put #well_explained #blog_posts #butthurt #annoyances #@Oliver #pub
"That Girl At The Party − Most people "won't" because they don't believe they CAN. The strong belief in the "I am" and the "I can" precedes the "I will" and "I did." #quotes #inspirational #@internalize #clarifications #pub

"Most people want to be fit, most people aren’t. Most people want to build a successful business, most people won’t. Most people want to be the best version of themselves, most people aren’t. Most people have dreams they want to fulfill, most people won’t. Everyone wants to quit something, build something, be something, do something. Most people won’t. How many things have we wanted? How many opportunities have we craved? How many broken things have we wanted to fix? And how many of those have we shrunk from. Hid from. Or, excused away. We’re not alone. Most people won’t. But every once in a while someone puts themselves out there. Makes the leap. Faces rejection or failure or worse. And comes out the other side. Better. Changed. Bolder. Most people won’t. Which means those that do change everything." #blog_posts #stories #inspirational #quick #pub
The review. Good for a quick intro to this "niche" or whatever. Though the initial books and bedrock of this "niche" are too specific as noted in this blog post, itself. #self-care #in-depth #codependency #blog_posts #reviews #references #user_generated_content #self-discovery #pub
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