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"3 years ago, I would have probably chosen to make the app open source and give it away for free, just like I did with Lunar. I would have thought: I’m making a ton of money at this company, what I would get by selling a small app would be peanuts anyway. Only recently I realised that this approach kept me dependent on having a job where I click-clack useless programs 8 hours a day, only to get 1-2 hours after work for my projects, and sacrifice my health and sanity in the process. In my whole 7-year career as a professional API Glue Technician and experienced Wheel Reinventer, I never did anything remotely as useful as even the simplest app I can code and publish in 2 months right now. At those companies, most of my work was scraped anyway when the redesign period of the year came. So I’d rather have those peanuts please." #indie_makers #best_of #grit #grinding #pub
Need to just get down -- persist -- make -- ship #real #artists #ship #makers #work #development #grit #perseverance #pub
"People suffering from and trying to overcome Impostor Syndrome (the feeling that even though you are doing good work and have made some big accomplishments that you’re really an “impostor” at your job and people are going find out) are somewhat endemic to startup and tech circles. ... So, it was pretty surprising that the best advice that I’ve heard on the subject comes from Conan O’Brien. “In improvisational acting there is this great rule that I’ve used in my life: ‘Act As If’. Act as if this is completely normal. Of course I’m supposed to be interviewing Barack Obama. Of course I’m supposed to be playing guitar with Bruce Springsteen and of course there’s a big part of me inside that’s saying: ‘What are you talking about?’” From “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop” — 21:00 The best entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with have (without naming it) exhibited this same pattern. 1. Recognize privately and intellectually that some big crazy thing is about to happen: a key investor meeting, a sales call to a big new client or interview with a major publication. 2. Do the hard work of preparing and making sure their product and facts are all in line. 3. Execute through their fears and anxieties by “acting as if” in public. Nothing is a cure all, but it is surprising how much even a simple phrase repeated to yourself can help. Case in point: “Of course I should be writing a blog post about Impostor Syndrome.”" #better_humans #introspective #blog_posts #confidence #focus #grit #pub
"His project, 100 Days of Rejection Therapy, is based on the idea that once you’re used to the strange looks, rude comments, and outright dismissal of every thing you’re trying to achieve, you’ll be able to overcome whatever makes you nervous: speaking in public, asking a woman out, or—in Jiang’s case—seeking funding for your tech startup." #journalism #social_dynamics #experiments #grit #rejection #@BitFit4 #interesting #therapy #pub
Matthew Dellavedova has somehow become an integral part of the NBA Finals. #sports #NBA #hard_workers #grit #inspirational #pub
"Lou Bloom, hard worker, sets high goals and persistent. I believe in creating a solution, and then making a decision as a team."

Pretending to be Jake Gyllenhaal's character, Lou Bloom from Nightcrawler. Not sure if the site is by a fan or the movie. #boss #pop_media #grit #motivational #$kippt_bookmark #$hustlers #freelancers #toread #pub
"Stoic Quote Of The Day" - Plan #$coaching #stoic #grit #pub
Miranda Kerr, 32, looked loved up with new boyfriend Evan Spiegel, 25, as they two attended Kanye West's concert in California on Saturday with a picnic.

Spiegel - one of the "two" (LOL) Snapchat cofounders. Fuck it. Come on mang! #$walter_white_pattern #motivation #grit #anger #toread #pub