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"3 years ago, I would have probably chosen to make the app open source and give it away for free, just like I did with Lunar. I would have thought: I’m making a ton of money at this company, what I would get by selling a small app would be peanuts anyway. Only recently I realised that this approach kept me dependent on having a job where I click-clack useless programs 8 hours a day, only to get 1-2 hours after work for my projects, and sacrifice my health and sanity in the process. In my whole 7-year career as a professional API Glue Technician and experienced Wheel Reinventer, I never did anything remotely as useful as even the simplest app I can code and publish in 2 months right now. At those companies, most of my work was scraped anyway when the redesign period of the year came. So I’d rather have those peanuts please." #indie_makers #best_of #grit #grinding #pub
Weekly digest about creativity & productivity-boosting tools & resources, combined with useful insights, articles, findings from the fields of design & tech. -- "About Creativerly is a weekly digest about creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and learnings from the fields of design and tech. My name is Philipp, I am a digital product designer, and I carefully write and curate this newsletter every single week. My goal is to help creative people find new tools and resources, which they can use to boost their creativity and productivity. On top of that, I want to give you useful insights, share great articles which deliver great value, and also tell you about my personal learnings, so you can profit from them. During my full-time work as a Product Designer, my freelance projects, but also during my curation process for this newsletter, I am learning a lot. Learnings and Knowledge I want to share with you. All the content I am sharing was/is used/tested/tried out by myself. On the other hand, I am also sharing content because I think it is useful and a lot of creative minds could profit from it. What you can expect from being a member of Creativerly Every Sunday you will receive a carefully written and curated issue of Creativerly, packed with creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and learnings from the fields of design and tech. Besides that I am always working on new content segments, to make sure Creativerly subscribers only get the most valuable content delivered. One of those new segments are interviews with Designers, Creatives, Founders, Indie Hackers, Writers, where I ask them about the tools they use, how they stay productive, how they overcome creative blockades, and what projects they are working on. If you have something on your mind or want to work something out together, let me know! My DMs on Twitter and my email are always open for new opportunities, regarding featurings, cross-promotion, sponsorings, collaborations, partnerships, but also if you have some general questions about design, productivity, newsletters, writing. Do not hesitate and contact me. If you like this newsletter and the content I am sharing and if you would like to show some support, you can do so by buying me a coffee ☕️. For any other enquiries just write an email to philipp(at)" #newsletters #%stoop_not_yet #%i_am_trying_to_consume #productivity_techniques #indie_makers #toread #pub
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it's kinda like Vim but not really. #mac_apps #indie_af #indie_makers #price:$4 #homebrew_cask #macOS_12 #best_of #monthly #SaaS #freemium #pub
Philip Young is a product designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently focusing on intersection between design and code. #indie_makers #%kippt_bookmarks #pub
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When starting or growing a business, there’s no shortage of important decisions you need to make. We’re here to help with that. Our Preferred Partner Matrix is a highly-curated set of resources and offers provided by organizations we know and love, designed to help you navigate the startup journey. #indie_makers #startup_stuff #startup_pricing_offers #startup_grind #communities #pub
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