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"This website is dedicated for running websites and services on low end dedicated servers/virtual private servers, where you only need to pay a few dollars a month to get full root access." #web #hosting #cheap #deal #vps #server #pub
- Full SSH, SFTP access - Ability to run long-running processes such as Rails, Django, etc - Ability to run any software that runs on PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl or Java with MySql, Postgresql or sqlite - 600GB bandwidth/month, 256MB memory - "This is the actual memory available to your long-running processes (for instance, your Rails or Django processes). Unlike on a VPS, the memory used by the operating system, the main web server and the database servers doesn't count towards your memory usage" Just $9.50 paid monthly or $8.50 by year. #hosting #deal #cheap #web #development #web_development #pub