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"Your desk is killing you It's time to fight back FitBolt is a simple tool that makes the workplace a whole lot healthier" "Our database of notifications spans categories of health, nutrition, exercise, wellness, posture, and stretches. We consult with experts and scour books, research, and the internet to bring you all you need to know to stay healthy at your desk. FitBolt isn't just a platform that throws random notifications at you. The next notifications you see is determed by an advanced algorithm that takes into consideration All of the following: Your category preferences Notification relevance and importance The current time of day (in your timezone) The current season of the year Your previous notification history Your personal opinion (based on starred items and your ratings) Good luck finding anything else like this on the internet - FitBolt was made for a single purpose, and it performs exactly as advertised!" #health #Fitbit #apps #syncing #APIs #unique #interesting #desk_jobs #exercises #fitness #pub
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