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"You are probably here because FitBit only lists their groups alphabetically, right? Well, this is a search engine that does one better! Search for groups by title and also by descriptions. Go over to the Filter page to see statistics about all the groups on FitBit - like who is most active." #Fitbit #search_engines #pub
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"An activity recording is similar to the trip mode on the odometer in your car. If you are doing an activity that does not require steps (like weight lifting or swimming) or an activity that requires more than just steps (like tennis or yoga), you can put your tracker in activity mode to track the activity and how many calories you burn with greater accuracy. Recordings do not affect how your data is tracked or analyzed; they instead serve to bring greater visibility to a specified time frame." #Fitbit #fitness #tracking #activities #pub
"Your desk is killing you It's time to fight back FitBolt is a simple tool that makes the workplace a whole lot healthier" "Our database of notifications spans categories of health, nutrition, exercise, wellness, posture, and stretches. We consult with experts and scour books, research, and the internet to bring you all you need to know to stay healthy at your desk. FitBolt isn't just a platform that throws random notifications at you. The next notifications you see is determed by an advanced algorithm that takes into consideration All of the following: Your category preferences Notification relevance and importance The current time of day (in your timezone) The current season of the year Your previous notification history Your personal opinion (based on starred items and your ratings) Good luck finding anything else like this on the internet - FitBolt was made for a single purpose, and it performs exactly as advertised!" #health #Fitbit #apps #syncing #APIs #unique #interesting #desk_jobs #exercises #fitness #pub
""WeightGrapher Don't hate the scale, love the trend. See How It Works » Follow The Trend The scale goes up and down, you can weigh more today than yesterday and still be on track to losing weight. WeightGrapher shows you the trend, letting you see how your decisions are paying off now. Sign Up Free » WeightGrapher makes it easy to Follow The Trend FITBIT® Aria Scale FITBIT® Aria Aware No need to manually enter information, if you have an Aria scale by FITBIT®, WeightGrapher automatically downloads your whole weight history, and keeps it up to date every time you step on the scale. Sign Up Free » Remember That Starting a new diet? Riding your bike to work? Keep track of your new habits with notes. They display on your graph, for at-a-glance determination of how they're paying off. Sign Up Free » Weight Grapher Has Notes! Weight Grapher Uses Proven Math Smart Predictions Our prediction algorithms use your past weight data. This means we can show you projections based on your .." #APIs #weight #tracking #health #Fitbit #integrations #graphs #pub
Automated weight tracking in the style of the Hacker's Diet using a FitBit or Withings WiFi Scale. "Am I losing weight? TrendWeight can answer that question by analyzing your day to day weight changes. Step 1: Weigh yourself every day on a WiFi Scale. Step 2: There is no Step 2!" #APIs #weight #tracking #wifi_scales #integration #health #Fitbit #Withings #graphs #pub
Coming out soon. Can see heart rate, body temperature, and ways to track exercises like lifting (curls, etc). And has things like a shoe/ankle/foot clip to better monitor movement there too! #Fitbit #alternatives #quantified_self #Fitness #smart_pedometeres #activity_trackers #tracking #logging #kickstarters #products #price:$125 #pub
"You know your present. Now shape your future. What apps do we integrate already? Runkeeper Fitbit Moves Sleepcycle FatSecret Withings MapMyRun" #quantified_self #aggregation #APIs #integrations #Fitbit #casual_fitness #pub