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" The product that ops provides to developers Flynn is a Heroku-inspired system that simplifies deploying and maintaining applications. Instead of using complex configuration management systems, Flynn allows self-serve management of containerized deployments, making life easier for ops and developers. Flynn provides a set of “PaaS Lego” including an API that orchestrates the management of containerized services across a cluster. These services can be anything from a Rails app to PostgreSQL to an ETL job. A variety of deployment systems and applications can be built on top of the API. For easy out-of-the-box deployment, Flynn includes Heroku-style “git push” deployment and management tools that utilize buildpacks." #self-hosted #PaaS #buildpacks #kickstarters #open_source #pub
Coming out soon. Can see heart rate, body temperature, and ways to track exercises like lifting (curls, etc). And has things like a shoe/ankle/foot clip to better monitor movement there too! #Fitbit #alternatives #quantified_self #Fitness #smart_pedometeres #activity_trackers #tracking #logging #kickstarters #products #price:$125 #pub
"Choose your daily habit Pick your action. Exercise every day, be more productive online, learn a new language, wake up earlier — the possibilities are endless! In the Pavlok app, choose what you want to accomplish. Pavlok will break your goal down into easy, manageable actions. Each day, Pavlok will push you to stay on track and form the lasting habit. Real Accountability, Real Results Willpower isn't enough. Habit change requires accountability. You won't have to make the journey alone - Pavlok helps you find a partner or join a team of your friends. Social support and pressure will keep you on track. When you hit a bump in the road, they'll motivate you to keep going. Or, they'll punish you. Earn Rewards when you Succeed. Face Penalties if you Fail. Choose your level of commitment. Pavlok can reward you when you achieve your goals. Earn prizes and even money when you complete your daily task. But be warned: if you fail, you’ll face penalties. Pay a fine, lose access to your phone, or even suffer an electric shock…at the hands of your friends. Make a change that lasts. Research shows that consistency is the key to forming a habit. When you use Pavlok to stick to your goals, you'll find that they become easier and eventually, automatic. At that point, use Pavlok to train your next habit and keep up your transformation into a better you." #activity_trackers #habits #incentives #beta #kickstarters #wristbands #pub
Join the Narrative Karma program and win a Narrative Clip 2! #WinClip2 #WinClip2 #pub

Originally called Memoto. This is now the second version, Narrative Clip 2. Companies switched. Product isn't made anymore :(. #photos #quantified_self #wish_list #tracking #kickstarters #products #cameras #price:$200 #favs #best_of #videos #life_tracking #logging #pub
"Ys Net is raising funds for Shenmue 3 on Kickstarter! Yu Suzuki presents the long awaited third installment in the Shenmue series."

Favorite casual-ish single player game of all time. And one of the only ones I'd still be able to play. Final Fantasy games take too many hours and you have to do way too much battling for the story. Who has 40-60 hours when the story or exploring of areas or actual cool action stuff account for at most 20% of it all (8-12 hours vs 32-48 hours of the lame grinding of repetiive fighting).

Probably could play a game like Metal Gear Solid 2 again though. That was pretty awesome. The plot is no where near as interesting, immersive, or part of the game, but the game also only takes 10-15 hours. And like 75% of the actual gameplay is actually entertaining and challenging fun. #favorites #kickstarters #games #pub
Anand got it for $50 during Black Friday week, but otherwise it's $75. #nomads #coffee_shops #ergonomics #work_setups #work #products #paid #kickstarters #pricey #price:$75 #pub